Sweet Georgie Pie's Play Mats and Organisers

When you are travelling or out and about there is always the question "What am I going to take that will keep my little ones entertained". Designed and used by a mum of 3, Sweet Georgie Pie's play mats and organisers are the answer to that question. They are designed to be portable, compact and equipped with everything that you need to entertain your children using imaginary play and creativity.

Our portable range of activities are aimed at children between the ages of 2 and 7 and include to name a few:

  • JOTracks car play mats for your little man to imagine he is the fastest car on the racing track whilst you are having a cuppa with a friend
  • ROSEHouse doll house play mat for your little lady to pretend playing tea parties whilst you wait at the airport for your plane
  • JOZPocket crayon wallet for your little artist to draw a beautiful pictures while you drive from one place to the next

Available online from www.sweetgeorgiepie.com.au  r find us on Facebook for $34-$38.

At Sweet Georgie Pie we provide the stage for your little ones to learn and shine whilst making your life a little easier. All our products are handmade with quality materials and toys so you know you are getting something well made.

Great for gift ideas and also an essential ingredient for travelling Sweet Georgie Pie even has things to make travelling with a baby easier and organising travel plans.