Doodle the easy way with Fisher-Price

Our friends at Little Gulliver love finding new ways to make travelling with kids easier and more fun. If you’re looking for a travel toy that’s an all rounder, suiting different personalities and age groups, they have found the Fisher-Price Doodle Pro is a classic. It is the original magnetic board with its own pen and easy slide eraser, wiping the screen clean like magic and priced from only $13.95.

They stock 2 sizes of Doodle Pro; ‘Travel’ and ‘Clip On’. The Clip On is a popular take anywhere size with an 8 x 7.5 cm screen. It has its own carabiner clip, which attaches to just about anything so you can clip and go - making it handy for back packs and carryon luggage. It is recommended for Ages 3+, comes in a range of favourite colours and because it’s a Fisher-Price toy, it’s built tough too.


Kids love it for independent play, but parents can become involved when you want (or need!) to occupy the child with some fun games together. Favourite games to play on your Doodle Pro Clip On are things like;

  • ages 2-3; draw a car and add the wheels, draw heads and fill in the faces and scribbling (fill in the whole cover and wipe clean)
  • ages 3-4; draw planes, houses and trees, letters and numbers
  • 4+; practise your name, Dots and Boxes (how to play here). And you can’t go past Noughts and Crosses. The possibilities are endless!

Here's some feedback;

"Little kids love this! It's just like drawing without the mess of the paper and pencils. It's easy to wipe out and start all over again. It's Fisher Price so you know it's good quality."

Finally taking that trip away? Visit Little Gulliver for their specialised range of travel gear for kids. They're always happy to help.

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