The Desk to Go and Tips for Car Journeys

Keeping kids busy and entertained on a road trip can be challenging. With the right prior planning, even the most energetic offspring can be entertained on a long car journey. Here are a few simple and time-tested ways to keep your kids entertained so that you can concentrate on your safe driving. Some are obvious but good to note and others we’ve discovered on our long roadtrips.

1. Kids car games and activities are a real winner in the car for their enjoyment and for your sanity. Great activities and games for the car include the old favourites i-spy, first one to see, counting games, car bingo, rhyming games and make up a song games.

Our favourite kids car game is a free game we call “Spot It, Call it and Write it down”. We had a list of animals and each time someone saw one, they called it and marked it down with tally marks. We also did a list of road signs (highway number, kms signs, “i’ information symbol, kangaroo signs etc). The kids loved these games and they also added new things along the way which was great.

2. If the kids like colouring in, sticker and activity books – get some new ones for each child. We use the Desk to Go for these books, it is a Portable Drawing Board perfect for use in the car that provides a sturdy surface for kids to do colouring in, draw on and do activities on in the car.

3. Pack an “in car bag” and a “boot bag” with snacks. Buy enough for the first few days so you don’t have to buy supplies straight away. It’s then easy to restock when your “in car” bag is empty. We used a cooler bag which was great to keep drinks cold!

4. Get the kids excited before they go, let them know where you are going and ask them what they would like to do. Try and incorporate it into your trip.

5. Have the kids write a travel diary every day, it’s a great record of their trip.

6. Stop every couple of hours for the kids to get out and stretch their legs. If you can combine this with a playground or park where you can kick the ball, the kids will love to burn some energy and they may well have a nap afterwards!!

7. We always timed petrol stops around meals stops. Find the nearest park or fast food restaurant with a playground. Get the kids out of the car, one of you can let them run around while the other one goes and fills up with petrol and gets something to eat. When you are ready to leave, organize something for the kids to eat when you get back in the car. This way they have had maximum time burning energy, and eating will amuse them for a while when they first get back into the car. With tired legs and a full belly they may even drift to sleep!

8. Take music and a portable DVD player and DVDs – this way they can watch them in the car as well as where you stay. 9. A car organiser that sits in the middle of the car seats or one that hangs on the back of the front seats is also useful to hold drink bottles and some toys and books, all within easy reach.

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