Chubbies from My Busy Bag

Whether you are flying or driving, visiting friends or out at a cafe, you'll want to bring along a few travel toys to keep your toddler busy. In general, the best travel toys are quiet, and do not have a lot of parts that can get lost or scattered over the floor, or under car and aeroplane seats.

Toy vehicles make ideal travel toys and are a favourite amongst both boy and girl toddlers.

The pastel coloured Viking Mini Chubbies are perfect for little hands and your little one will have lots of fun playing with these vehicles out and about, in the car or on a plane.

Viking toys are made from quality, soft yet durable materials. They are distinctive and recognisable by their soft shapes and beautiful colours.

The Mini Chubbies are suitable for ages 1 year plus and can be purchased online from My Busy Bag