Travelling to Bali with a 9 month old

Amy has recently returned from Bali with her gorgeous little boy, 9 month old Archie. We asked Amy to fill us in on her trip and share any advice she has for other parents.

Archie was 9 months old when we travelled to Bali for 10 nights. He did really well on the flight, we packed plenty of toys, books and food to keep him amused, and tried to plan the flight around sleep time.


We loved Bali, we visited the markets, did lots of eating and shopping, went to Waterbom park (this is a must with kids,) visited the monkey forest, and took a tour of some villages.

Archie coped really well with all the changes; we just made sure he had access to his pram for his morning and afternoon sleep. I would often walk around shopping centres in the nice air conditioning so he could have a good solid sleep once a day.

Archie slept better than I expected. He slept with us at night time which wasn’t a bother as he settled straight back into his own cot when we got home. During the day he slept in his pram with a muslin wrap covering the pram.

To ensure staying healthy don’t let your child play with shoes, pram wheels or anything else that’s been outside. Wash hands all the time, and limit floor play for crawling babies, thank goodness for a king size bed, Archie was able to play on that.

Getting around was fine, we did lots of walking and took taxis when needed. The lightweight stroller we took was great, it was easy for us on the small foot paths, easier to get up stairs, so much lighter than a big bulky pram. Make sure you take a wrap to cover the pram so you don’t get stopped all the time by the Balinese. I think I now know how it feels to be Nicole Kidman ha ha. We were like celebrities; everywhere we went we heard “big baby, white hair, so fat, ohhh beautiful!’

Make sure your bub has plenty of fluids, I broke my own rules when I was in Bali by letting Archie drink ¾ bottled water and ¼ juice in a bottle just to make sure he got plenty of fluids. I wasn’t too concerned with how much he ate I just kept up his milk bottles. Archie snacked on bread, fruit, spaghetti and rice throughout the day.

Most convenience stores stocked nappies and wipes. All major shops and shopping centres stocked food, formula, clothes, nappies & wipes (Formula is stored under the counter.) We could buy familiar brand nappies as well as local brands. Baby food was Heinz but was called something else. We packed enough formula for our trip. Most products were similar prices to Australia.

We purchased a steriliser/bottle warmer for Archie’s bottles while we were in Bali, it wasn’t expensive to buy. You can even hire a microwave if your hotel doesn’t have one. When we were leaving Bali we gave away all of the baby goods we had purchased to some of the local pregnant woman who were very grateful.

I wish that I had taken a Portable High Chair with us, only one restaurant we went to had one. That was hard, I thought most places would have high chairs I was wrong but the Balinese are such loving and beautiful people who would do anything for you. They love to carry and show off your baby to other people especially while you were eating.

I would recommend anyone to go to Bali with their children and babies. Not only is it cheap but it’s a beautiful country to see. The Balinese people are very welcoming, lovely people who are willing to help you with anything. There is so much to do and plenty of yummy food.

The whole trip was just wonderful; the weather, the food, the people, the shopping. It was so nice to get away as a family and do things together without it being stressful. We had lots of fun and can’t wait for our next adventure together.

Suggested Links:

Discovery Mall- (  Kartika Plasa Stret, Kuta, Bali

Discovery Mall is one of the newest shopping malls built in kuta, it’s huge and has lots to see and buy. Some of the baby and children’s shops in there are; Kids Station, Guess kids, Espirit, Kids Zone and Osh Kosh.

Waterbom Park ( JI. Kartika Tuban

Waterbom is a fantastic day out for every member of the family, there are slides, massages, swim up bars, toddler slides, a toddler’s water play area and so on. The pools are supervised by life guards. It’s great fun. Older babies and children would have a ball!