Touring Vietnam While Pregnant

Kylie spent 5 weeks in Vietnam on her honeymoon at the end of her first trimester. How did she cope? We sat down with her to get the details.

I was 3 months pregnant when we left Australia on a 12 hour flight via Singapore. We flew with Singapore airlines, they were great, the flight wasn’t full and they let us stretch out.

I didn’t have too much trouble finding safe food and drink. The locals don’t drink tap water in Vietnam so all ice is made from filtered water and you can buy bottled water everywhere so that was easy. I didn’t eat from street stalls but restaurants were fine and I felt safer staying away from meat most of the time.

The things I found trickiest were not being able to have a few drinks on my honeymoon, dealing with the smell of the fish markets and finding clean toilets was difficult at times.

I did have to go to hospital while we were away, I had a few fainting episodes when we were in Wei, the hospital was certainly an eye opener; the maternity ward was very different to the ones here at home. I was lucky everything was fine, we did have travel insurance that covered for pregnancy but we didn’t need to claim, the hospital didn’t charge us anything.

I have a great doctor at home and I knew that I could have called her at any time and that put my mind at ease. Because I was early on in the pregnancy, I didn’t actually have to miss any of the scheduled check ups, I saw my doctor just before I left and just after I got home.

The clothes were a real bonus of being in Vietnam; I had some maternity clothes made and bought loads of really comfy clothes all very cheap.

I did almost everything that I wanted to on the trip, I wasn’t too limited by the pregnancy at all, as long as we were sensible it was fine. We hired motorbikes and I was a bit sore after that and I was also a bit uncomfortable on the long bus trips. The only thing really that I couldn’t do was go into any rain forest areas because I couldn’t take Malaria medication while pregnant.

We had a great time but I was really glad to get home and have all the foods I had been missing and my own bed.