Tips for Traveling to Rome with Children

Some Tips for Traveling to Rome with Children

Rome is one of the most culturally rich cities in the world, and it is an exciting destination for adults and children alike. Whilst most people focus on what you do once you arrive at the destination, good planning beforehand will also ensure a great trip. So here is a quick rundown on planning for a trip that will keep the kids grumpy free and keep mum 100% stress free …well as much as possible.

Before you leave:

Being prepared before you leave could dictate how the rest of the trip goes… a long sleepless flight means grumpy kids for the first couple of days, and an uncomfortable hotel …well that’s just bad all round!

Booking the flights

Most parents will know how hard it is to fly with kids – even a one hour flight can be a complete nightmare if you are not properly prepared. Traveling from Australia means your flight to Rome will be long. Try to book a flight that leaves a few hours before their usual bedtime. They are more likely to sleep for a good stretch of the flight. Where you can, avoid flights with long layovers and off course make sure you are well equipped with food, water, games and books!

Hotel Accommodation

From both money saving and a space perspective, self-serve apartments are almost always the best solution. The apartment space is more comfortable and familiar especially for the younger children and the self-serve means parents can make the kids favorite foods. This helps to avoid any food tantrums in the hotel dining room.

Is your family covered?

Something that most people forget and something families should never go on holidays without ... travel insurance! If you are travelling from Australia, most insurance companies will insure kids under 18 for free. It’s a quick and easy purchase, and a simple online search can give you some good and cheap travel insurance options – so there is really no excuse not to buy this before you leave!

So you have finally arrived in Rome… Now what?

While Rome is often times only thought of as a spot mainly for older couples or honeymooners, it is a family friendly city as well. The delicious Italian food, the sites and ruins that bring history to life and the enormous number of child-friendly activities will have the whole family enchanted by Rome in no time.

1) Indulge in Italian food - Italian food in Rome is something like a dream come true for children. The abundance of pizza places and gelato shops makes trying authentic food an easy, child-friendly experience.

2) Take the hop on, hop off bus - The sites in Rome are spread out, which makes the double-decker, airy buses a perfect choice for getting around the city. Children will enjoy being able to see the city from such a high-up view, and for those who aren’t as fond of sitting up high they can always sit down below. Headphones are included and kids will like listening to facts and information about what they are seeing as they drive by it. Find a tour that suits your family at

3) Visit the Explora Children’s Museum - This wonderful children’s museum ( ) is full of hands-on activities as well as a miniature cityscape. Highlights include the TV weather forecast the kids can star in, the giant mouth, and the exhibits that help kids learn about workings of a post office and a bank

4) Visit the Gladiator School - This will be a winner all round. At the Gladiator School - you can get two-hour lessons with a gladiator instructor who will teach you the basics of gladiator combat. Fight with authentic “look alike” weapons during lessons, which are taught by members of the Historic Group of Rome. You can dress up in traditional gladiator gear provided by the school while you practice basic sword techniques and take part in a gladiatorial tournament. This is a perfect way for kids to get hands-on with ancient Roman history. 

5) See a show at the open-air Teatro di Pulcinella puppet theater - Watch a live puppet show on the weekend at this open-air theater. This colorful puppet theater is a must-see for families, and the shows are very entertaining for kids.

Now it’s time to leave …and hopefully the activities above have tired the kids out so much that they will be asleep the whole flight back home ….might be wishful thinking!