Tips for a Family Adventure in Australia

 Australia is jam-packed full of adventure - so much so that you’d need several lifetimes to experience all of it. When the school holidays roll around, it’s a great time to take the kids and get them started early on getting out there and discovering Australia for themselves. Some grown-up holidays will be boring for kids - but at the same time, you want something mum and dad can enjoy too. Luckily Australia has plenty to offer that will satisfy everyone, whether you want to start enjoy the coast or some of the beautiful sceneries in the Outback. We have listed here some of our favourite itineraries for families who want to set off on an Aussie road trip.

Great Ocean Road – Victoria Roads linking Melbourne to Adelaide are mostly well maintained. At least five days are suggested as you take your family along the 1,000km of the Great Ocean Road, one of the most popular coastal trips in the whole island. The highlights of this itinerary surely are the Otway National park with its impressive waterfalls and forest, the quiet coastal town of Port Fairy with its colonies of seals, dolphins and whales, the Naracoorte Caves National Park, where your kids will be amazed to see the remnants of huge prehistoric marsupials, and endless, refreshing swims along the impressive Gulf St Vincent Coast.

The Gibb River Road – Western Australia Your kids love the beauty of nature and can endure whole days out in the wilderness without fatiguing too much? If the answer is yes, the Gibb River Road is the best Australian itinerary for your family. No doubt this is a demanding experience that will absorb a big part of your energies, but it’s also one that can pay back with unforgettable emotions and some of the most impressive outdoors in the whole planet. Spare up to 6 days for it, as you’ll need all this time to enjoy all that lies in between Kununurra and Derby, in the North-Western tip of the country. Don’t forget that some WD driving experience is also essential given the challenges of the roads ahead: if you’re not feeling comfortable with this kind of drive you can also join the guided tour. Along the Gibb River Road you’ll first witness the Mitchell Falls, which your kids will love in all their powerful grace. On with the adventure, the familiar presence of kangaroos and Australian cattle will keep you company on the way to Bindoola Falls, where it’s also possible to go take your kids swimming. On the final part of the trip, around the fourth or fifth day, you’ll enjoy the gorges of Manning and Bells, rugged enough for your kids to start dreaming of dinosaurs and prehistoric times. By the time you reach the end of your trip in Derby, the Gibb River Road will have become one of the greatest adventure you have ever lived as a family.

The Grand Pacific Drive – New South Wales For the more relaxed families and quieter kids, the South Coast holds many treasures to behold. Starting directly from Sydney and going all the way North to Brisbane, the 900 km along the coast offer everything your little ones may dream of. Four days are necessary to complete this drive, which will take you through 48 national parks and 12 state forests. A first exciting stop will be at The Entrance, where every day at 3.30pm you can take part in pelican feeding. On to Nelson Bay, nature and animals are always dominant: the dolphins and whales capture everyone’s attention along the coast. Continuing on the way North, the awe-inspiring Dorrigo National Park offers the unique opportunity to walk on a 70m elevated boardwalk, while towards the end of your itinerary, Ballina and Byron Bay with their white, pristine beaches will be fantastic moments to go for a dip and show your kids the marvels of some of the best Australian beaches.