Three in the backseat

Bianca and her family drove to Sydney for a 3 day stay. She fills us in on how her 3 kids coped with the trip and what they got up to in Sydney.

The drive to Sydney takes about 5 hours. We have three children; Thalia 5 years old, Dylan 4 years old and Amelia 13 months old. All three children coped well with the drive.

We left at night time in hope that they would sleep on the trip and our 13 month old did sleep most of the way while Thalia and Dylan watched movies on the portable DVD player. We took lots of snacks and drinks and plenty of activities to keep them occupied in the car.

We stayed in a 2 bedroom unit in Sydney so the two older kids had a room and the baby was in a portacot in our room. Being in self-contained accommodation made meals much easier to organise and meant we could save money on meals and still prepare healthy food for the kids.

We drove into Sydney city and then used different transport options to get around seeing the sights; we walked, took the monorail, got buses and rode the ferry.

We took in a lot of sights and activities. We took the kids to the Easter show, went to Taronga Zoo, Manly Aquarium and Darling Harbour. The kids didn’t seem worried by all the changes, there were enough activities to keep them interested and occupied.

We took our own snack foods and drinks with us everywhere we went so we would always have them on hand whenever they were needed, which meant we didn’t have to go searching for appropriate food for the kids. The only thing I didn’t bring but wish I had of was Paracetamol for the car trip.

 The whole trip was really memorable but the kids most enjoyed watching two of our relatives swimming with the sharks at Manly Aquarium.