Singapore Stopover

When flying between London and Melbourne at 6 months pregnant we decided on a 4 night stopover in Singapore to break up the journey to give myself and the bump a chance to recover in between long haul flights.

I had visited Singapore before, so I knew what to expect and I wasn’t too worried about finding safe food and drinks. For anyone who hasn’t been to Singapore before, its an exceptionally clean city; no litter, no spitting, no cigarette butts to be seen.

The biggest problems I faced were being ravenously hungry at 2 in the morning due to the time difference and dealing with the heat and humidity (29 degrees and very muggy) especially after leaving London (-5 degrees and snowing).

Singapore has all the major fast food chains which are always helpful when travelling if you are unsure where to eat or need a clean loo etc.

I am ashamed to say that I did end up eating from one of the large fast food chains several times at ridiculous times of the morning. On this trip I didn’t eat from street vendors but I’m sure I probably could have and been perfectly safe.

There are juice bars everywhere in Orchard Road which make it really easy to fill your fruit and veg quota. There are also a few of the big coffee chains so you can grab yourself a mid morning muffin or croissant but be warned ‘western’ food is not cheap.

There are gorgeous local restaurants serving fresh, healthy ingredients, ask at your hotel or chat to other travellers for recommendations.

I found the heat was hard to deal with, it was amplified by the bump but everywhere is air-conditioned so if you feel yourself getting flushed and sweaty,head inside a mall for some shopping and be sure to drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Overall I found Singapore to be a perfectly easy destination to visit when pregnant; in fact its probably similar to an interstate holiday within Australia; to begin with you are a little out of your comfort zone but once you get yourself a guide map and get your bearings, you are ready to explore!

My tips:

Book a hotel with a pool to cool off in after a hard day’s shopping.

Its easy to dehydrate in the humidity, so keep up your fluids!

 You can find more information about visiting Singapore from the Singapore Tourist Board web site