Pregnancy surprise in Malta

My Husband and I headed to Malta for a week of gorgeous food, fine wines and some sunshine....little did we know we had a stowaway.

My Husband and I had been trying for a baby for what seemed like forever so we booked a holiday to take our minds off it all.

The night before leaving I started feeling unwell and we considered cancelling but we’d been looking forward to a break so at 3am the next morning we headed to the airport. I was feeling dreadful.

As soon as the plane took off, my stomach took off too, I never suffer from motion sickness, this was new.

After landing I felt a little better. We spent the afternoon exploring before we enjoyed a gorgeous dinner and crashed out.

At 4am a thought wakes me and I sat bolt upright and begin rummaging through my bags hoping to find a pregnancy test. Success.

Two little pink lines...

I wake up my husband and the two of us were cautiously happy but decide we need another test or two before we get overly excited.

We don’t speak the local language so buying pregnancy test in a little out of the way chemist becomes a charades based comedy and then there’s the instructions; does ‘embarrasso’ mean positive or negative do you think?

Im still not sure about the ‘Embarrasso’ but those 2 little pink lines weren’t lying. We were pregnant, I was carrying a stowaway.

Finding food that I could stomach was at times a challenge but it would have been the same at home.

I ate lots of vegetable soup and had plain toast for breakfast. I had to skip the soft cheeses and deli meats I’d been looking forward to.

A week of relaxation, wining & dining turned into a week of nausea, sticking with ‘safe’ foods and a touch of worry about what I was and wasn’t meant to do but I can honestly say, we’ve never had a better holiday.

My flying tips:

Flying with morning sickness can be hard, but I found eating really strong mints or sniffing something lemon scented or a vicks type inhaler really helped and it was only really during takeoff and landing that I felt unwell.

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