A Phuket Beach Baby

After 8 glorious days in Phuket, Thailand with her 15 month old daughter Olivia, Karly returns to reality and tells us about her trip.

We spent 8 days at Patong Beach in Phuket for my brother’s wedding. Olivia adjusted surprisingly well. We had to take our lead from her initially as she wasn’t sure what was going on and trying to force her into naps etc. just ended in tears and a lot of stress. When we relaxed and let her guide us she fell into a pattern that was similar to home.


The only problem we had was the heat, Olivia doesn’t cope well with it! We just made sure she kept up the liquids, wore cool breathable clothes and we took lots of time out in air con. Restaurants often offered us cold towels too. We had to remind ourselves that holidays are different now that we have a baby and do things at her pace.

I took snacks from home and a variety of baby food that we could heat up in our room if she got hungry as she is quite a fussy eater.

I brought a bottle brush and small bowl to wash bottles in, so I didn’t have to fill a whole sink with bottled water.

Olivia loved being on the back of a tuk tuk in the fresh air with all the action going on around her. I would just hold on to her for dear life but by the end of the trip I really relaxed and was a great way to get around! We did a lot of swimming in the hotel pool as the weather was so hot and humid. We took her to see the elephants at an elephant farm and we also went to Phi Phi Island and we did a lot of eating and shopping.

I’d suggest other parents take enough nappies to last a few days in case you don’t get to the shops or can’t find what you want. (My cousin accidentally bought incontinence pads instead of nappies.)

If you don’t sweat the small stuff and let your baby guide you it will be a whole lot more relaxing.

I loved seeing her little face and expressions taking in all the new sights, sounds, food and people and thinking that all of this is a foundation block in building knowledge yet, she won’t remember a thing of it!

I couldn’t have lived without:

  • A good quality baby carrier
  • A pram mosquito net. Great for keeping bugs out but also to keep hands out; Those friendly Thai’s don’t let a sleeping baby stop them from having a cheek or leg squeeze!
  • Long sleeve rash vest 
  • A hat with a neck flap
  • A stroller that reclines for naps

It all sounds amazing Karly, I have to say we are very jealous!