Osaka with Kids

Jayne and her husband have recently returned from their second trip to Osaka, Japan with their 2 and a half year old son and their first trip with their 3 month old daughter. Jayne shares her tips and experiences below:

My husband and I recently spent five weeks in Osaka, Japan, with our 3 month old baby girl and two and a half year old little boy. It was my son’s second trip to Japan.

On the plane

We were able to book a bassinette with Jetstar (which folds down in front of you. and had heaps of space. Jetstar also have the special little seatbelt for babies which you attach to yours for take-off and landing.

Paying $15 for your own personal DVD player (which sits on the fold out table) was great! Our little boy was quiet and still all throughout Toy Story 3! (Bliss!) NOTE: You need to bring your own suitable headphones for toddlers or children to use on Jetstar. The earphones provided are for adult ears. We had to use tape from the first-aid kit on the plane to hold them in our boy’s ears!

If you are travelling during the day time, I recommend if possible, letting your toddler play in a playground somewhere prior to going to the airport (or at the airport. Kansai International airport has 2-3 children’s playgrounds near the boarding gates and a kids activity room near the food court.) This wore our boy out enough to have him sleep much of the way. Over-night travel was the best for us as both children slept most of the way due to the lights out and white noise of the aircraft.

Travelling while there

We took a Steelcraft ‘Holiday’ stroller which folds up quite small, and a Baby Bjorn. We used these everywhere we went. I recommend these for train and bus trips. The only issue with the ‘Holiday’ stroller is that it is a little stiff to push, so you really need both hands free. If you’re by yourself with a toddler and baby, this is where the Baby Bjorn becomes ultra handy! If you are travelling by car and need baby or booster seats, we found Japanese second-hand shops (“Recycle” shops) to be the cheapest and easiest place to find a cheap seat for the car. (We also picked up a very cheap baby bath from a second-hand shop.)

Nappies and wipes

We prefer Japanese nappies (especially the ‘Merries’ brand) to Australian nappies. ‘Merries’ are softer and thinner than nappies here.

Both times we have travelled to Japan with kids we have never been able to find decent wipes to use. If you are a ‘Huggies’ wipes fan, as we are, and are travelling to Japan for a short time, I recommend you bring wipes from Australia to use.

Eating out

We always tried to find restaurants with ‘tatami’ (woven straw) flooring or other set-ups requiring us to sit on the floor. It was easy for our son to sit and eat, and easy to grab a few ‘zabuton’ cussions to whip up a bed for our baby girl to sleep on.

Thanks so much for sharing your tips for travelling to Japan and the pictures of your gorgeous family Jayne. We look forward to hearing more about your future trips - TWT