A Little Snow Baby

Danni took her 14month old son, Jake to visit friends in Jindabyne New South Wales, while there, they took Jake to Perisher Ski Resort to see snow for the first time. Danni lets us know how Jake took to the snow.

Jake was 14 months of age when we went to Jindabyne in NSW to stay with friends for 3 days.


The car trip was about 5 and ½ hours. Jake was quite good in the car, he slept part of the way and when he woke up we had plenty of snacks and toys on hand to occupy him.

When we got to the snow (Perisher) we went tobogganing, made snow angels and a snowman. Jake absolutely loved the snow. He liked the snow falling and loved putting his gloved hands in the snow. He loved playing in it and fortunately he didn’t really get cold.

We tried to purchase a snow outfit before we left for Jake but didn’t have much luck sadly. We did buy him a soft fluffy beanie hat from Pumpkin Patch that does up with Velcro under the chin.

We hired Jake some snow boots and a full piece suit from a really friendly snow hire shop in Jindabyne. We had to buy him snow mittens, as they do not hire gloves for children for health reasons. The snow mittens didn’t have thumbs in them for extra comfort.

We also left him in his sleep suit and singlet to add warmth.We took a thermos of milk to make hot chocolates and give Jake a warm milk drink to keep him warm.

I just wish we had of brought a proper video camera with us. My favourite memory is taking Jake down the hillside on the toboggan. He giggled the entire way, every time it was a lovely trip.

If you are planning on taking your kids to the snow make sure you all wear good long socks and that you pack a warm drink and spare clothes it really helps to warm you up after a play in the snow.

Taking your children to the snow is well worth the effort. The joy and wonder on their face is something you will never forget.

Oh Danni, Jake looks adorable in his little snow suit and he looks like he’s having an amazing time! Thanks so much for sharing with us.