Junior Jetsetters

Bec is mum to Hunter 3 (and three quarters) and Savannah 1, both are becoming quite seasoned little travellers so we asked Bec for her tips to make travel fun and easy for the whole family.

We have been to Brisbane, Thailand, Perth and Melbourne. Hunter was 15 months for his first plane trip, and has travelled multiple times since then, Savannah first travelled at 3 months and again at 7 months.


Getting There

The flights ranged in length from just over an hour to 6 and a half hours. The kids are usually good in flight but they don’t cope so well when the seat belt sign is lit and they have to stay seated. Hunter just wants to sit on the floor. At his age now, I tell him to watch the light, and as soon as it goes he can take his seat-belt off. Having him watch the light makes it a little more interesting for him and makes him understand that he must stay seated whilst it’s on.

A portable DVD player is our saviour! We don’t go on any flight without it. We pack new DVDs (either buy new ones or borrow from the library), along with their favourites. I also pack a bag that includes small toys, books, colouring books and crayons. I try to have some new toys/colouring in books so it is exciting for them.

Make sure you have lots of snacks and drinks. They help kill a bit of time!

On long flights we would spend a bit of time walking up and down the aisles. This was particularly so for the international flight. Hunter enjoyed saying Hi to people along the way and it got him out of his seat.

Try and travel at a time when the kids would normally sleep. Flying is much easier if they are napping.

Take-off and landings can be a bit problematic. When I was still breastfeeding the kids, I would feed them on take off and landing.

At the destination

Time differences can make things a bit tricky. It messes with their systems for a while, but we try and stick to the current times for sleeping if we can. Generally it’s not too bad as long as they are fed and with us. It also takes them a little time to get used to the new environment for sleeping, Being in a new place means we need to stay with them to get them to sleep and they definitely didn’t sleep as well as they do at home.

If your child still has a day sleep (or 2), try to work around it. It’s lots of changes for them being out of routine, so if they are tired and cranky too it doesn’t help.

When we went to Thailand, Hunter was 18 months and still having 2 sleeps a day. We alternated between a day at the resort, so he could have his 2 naps, and we did things whilst he was awake at the resort (and hubby and I took turns of going out whilst he was napping), and then a day out. On the day out Hunter would generally only have 1 sleep, in the pram. But given the next day he would get his normal sleeps it worked well.

We took nappies and wipes with us so we didn’t have to worry about them whilst away. We also took formula and some food but as it turned out, Hunter was able to eat most of the food we had, so we didn’t need to worry about the food. The Thai people were so lovely and in restaurants once Hunter had finished eating, they would entertain him for us so we could eat in peace.