Ireland with a 5 month old

Travelling with a 5 month old on a 30 hour trip door to door. Firstly I was well equipped thanks to all of the advice at travelwithtots and had packed a sheepskin for the bassinet in flight. This was so handy as there was no way he would have slept without something making it more comfortable. The only problem was, Sonny is always so warm that he got too hot at times so we had to try and keep him cool.

It was a night flight leaving Melbourne so we thought Sonny would sleep for a lot of the 14 hour flight to Dubai. We forgot about the general plane noise, announcements and people banging the overhead lockers. Sonny slept on and off for about 6 hours but nothing solid. We gave him bottle on take off and landing but he seemed to have no problems with his ears. He was restless and overtired by the end of that flight but we just tried to get him to have as many cat naps as possible.

In the end we stopped putting him in the bassinet as every time the seat belt sign went on we had to wake him up and sit him on our laps. We tried to get him to sleep on us as this was happening frequently.

Sonny was very hot so we stripped him down to singlet and nappy for the Dubai stop over. We got a pram from emirates and made our way to the new terminal. People were stopping us all over the airport to pinch Sonny's legs or stop and give him a kiss. We did wonder if it was culturally appropriate for Sonny to have no clothes on as by this stage his singlet was off but both the women and men made a huge fuss over him.

The next flight was 7 hours to Dublin which was long. It wasn't Sonny's sleep time and he was all out of whack so he was quite sooky. He had more bottles than he was due but it helped soothe him and he would continue to have cat naps.

On arrival in Dublin, Sonny slept in the afternoon and went down at 5pm for the night which he slept through and continued to do for our 4 week stay.

On the way home there were four babies and only three bassinets so the parents decided to share. The babies were all around the same age so on take off if one cried, they all joined in. One traveller who didn't know I was the mother of one of the babies said 'Oh God here we go". I curtly replied "Don't make this any more difficult than what it already is". That kept him quiet for the rest of the trip.

Sonny screamed on take of for about 20 minutes. I think it was tiredness and joining in with the other babies but again seemed to have no ear problems. This was a day flight so he had a few little sleeps but nothing much and was quite distracted with the other babies.

We had an overnight stopover in Dubai which was fantastic. We stayed at the hotel airport (TIP- make sure you book in advance, we were very lucky to get a room and paid $300 for 8 hours because we weren't organised and booked the room earlier).

We all showered and Sonny went straight to bed and got a solid 6 hours before our next flight. The Dubai to Melbourne flight was much better. We didn't have a bassinet but we had a spare seat between us so Sonny had longer sleeps and didn't have any babies nearby. He was very comfortable and managed that flight very well.

Friends in Ireland had given us headphones for Sonny's flight home and we put them on him which he didn't mind and it cut out all the plane noise. On arrival back to Melbourne it took us all awhile to readjust to sleep times and stupidly we were getting up twice a night to give him bottles, despite him usually sleeping the night through.

We have since cut that out and he's sleeping through the night again. I'd definitely recommend a short hotel stop over if possible, it made our trip back so much easier and we got a chance to freshen up and get some sleep!