Hong Kong - First trimester

Anke has made several trips to Hong Kong in early pregnancy, she was kind enough to share her experiences:

My husband, my 11 year old son and myself travelled from Brisbane to Hong Kong when I was 9 weeks pregnant.

Before we could leave we had to have an emergency scan because I experienced some early bleeding and was concerned to be flying and in Asia in case something wasn’t right. As it turned out all was fine and we got the go ahead 2 days before we left.

I had planned to eat all manner of the exotic foods that Hong Kong is famous for and of course all I craved was McDonald's fries, which I never eat at home. It became quite the joke. I was careful with street food but still managed to try many local specialities.

Taking a nap during the day was a saviour as this pregnancy had me very tired. The boys would go out on adventures while I rested and then we would head back out to see what we could discover in the afternoon/evening.

Allowances we made for the pregnancy would probably be that we took more taxis than we ordinarily would have. We usually like to explore on foot when we travel and see where the road takes us, but on this occasion we decided that that was a bit too strenuous, especially in the heat that Hong Kong was experiencing at the time.

On another trip we also had our son (20 months old) with us on a Christmas trip to the UK, via Hong Kong. I was pregnant again and was 12 weeks along this time. This was a family trip with lots of fun outings. Tiredness was probably the biggest issue, especially having a little one with us. Luckily he still needed naps, so I was able to have some too. The Chinese adored our son and many times we found him entertaining a whole group of enthralled adults. At that age, all manner of public transport was his favourite kind of entertainment. On this trip I did need to seek medical attention and the health care and support I received from medical professionals in HK were second to none. I could not have hoped for better.

Anke suggests the following for staying well during pregnancy travel:

-Always carry some crackers or biscuits. If queasy, nibbling on something helps settle the tummy down and saves having to try and find something to eat in a hurry if you don’t know the area.

-Ginger is great for nausea. When traveling carry Ginger sweets or drink tea made with slices of fresh Ginger.

-Tea made with Ginger, peppermint or chamomile also helps digestion. Not a bad idea when out trying new foods in foreign lands. Anke is owner and creator of Herbology.com.au, you can visit her website here.