Flying Alone with Multiple Children

Veronica has just come back from a trip visiting family, she flew domestically with her 3 sons on her own. We find out how she went:


When I travelled recently by myself with the boys, Chase was 16 months, Raven 2 and a half years and Seth 5 and a half years old.

We flew with Jetstar as we were on a budget. We had flown with them numerous times prior as a family and had been really happy with their service. We especially liked those with small children boarded first – or at least they used to; I was very disappointed to find that this had changed when I flew by myself with the boys, it was something that would have been really helpful but was not available. We flew from Brisbane to Mackay which took about an hour 20 minutes. The flight was delayed both times for up to an hour so it made it that little bit more difficult to keep the kids busy for longer.

The boys travelled surpirisngly well. The two older boys were each given their own backpack to carry which had a brand new sticker book in it as well as a drink and a snack. For Seth we packed his game console with a new game and for Raven we packed a portable DVD player with a new DVD. The two older boys were content the whole time but Chase had his moments, he was happy while he was playing with his bottle but we travelled at sleep time so he was tired but not willing to give in which made him a little grumpy and he crashed out on landing both times.

I think the biggest challenge I faced travelling on my own with the three boys was that I had so much luggage and limited help. Chase was not yet walking and I didn’t take a pram with me or a carrier, I definitely should of. There was a long walk from the car park with 2 slow moving children, 3 carseats, 1 portacot, 1 large suitcase and carrying a nappy bag, a baby and 3 teddies and at the other end when I did use a luggage trolley I couldn’t see over the top of all of the luggage.

Boarding was also a bit of a struggle. Getting onto the plane was not too much of a drama but I have enough trouble getting myself down the aisle, but adding two small kidlets an infant and a nappy bag meant real trouble. We made it to our seat and then came the organising; another challenge in itself. Seth held Chase while I moved people around attached seatbelts, put bags away, etc. Unfortunately no one offered any help. On the flight up another passenger offered me assistance but surprisingly no flight attendants did. On the return flight I asked for assistance and it was provided but I had to board last with the attendant.

My advice to other parents travelling solo with kids is:

  • Definitely get a luggage trolley at the airport, don’t try to carry everything.
  • Take as little luggage that you have to carry as possible.
  • Do ask for assistance from the airline and cabin crew, they may not offer it to you but if you ask they will provide it.
  • Make sure you take a baby carrier or sling if your little one isn’t walking yet or will get tired walking and need to be carried.