Fiji with a Toddler

Alana travelled to Fiji earlier this year with her 2 year old son JJ. We were lucky enough to hear all about their fabulous island holiday:

We went to Fiji in July with our family and extended family (10 adults and 6 kids under 6). It was a great trip and very interesting as it’s the first time I have ever been overseas!

The trip started with us having to be at the airport at 9pm at night, with our very grumpy 2 year old who is used to being in bed at that time and had of course refused a nap in the afternoon! We took along his carseat for the flight which we had called ahead and confirmed that we could take it on the plane for him to sit in, the check in attendant did query whether the seat was allowed but after I explained we had called ahead they agreed to let us on the plane early to check it out that it would fit, otherwise they would bag it up and put it in cargo. The seat fitted and all was fine so I do recommend standing your ground provided you have called to confirm that particular car seat is allowed.

We got into Nadi, Fiji at 6am, feeling very tired after not getting much sleep on the flight. We were transferred to our hotel, the Sheraton Denerau Villas where they very kindly rushed forward our check in time and also let us all eat breakfast there. We had a good 9 days there going out to the South Sea Island and taking JJ in the semi-submersible boat to see the coral and fish. We ate on the pier at the Fijian restaurant where JJ experienced pineapple smoothies for the first time which he loved and became a favourite of the trip. We were also able to go into a local village and meet the chief which was a very memorable experience.

Our accommodation had a fridge and stove so we were able to cook simple stuff like spaghetti and make sandwiches which saved a lot of money, not having to buy every single meal. We also carried water with us to avoid paying high prices for drinks while we were out exploring.

We were so please we had brought a stroller, every morning we had quite a walk down to breakfast and JJ's little legs wouldn't have been able to handle all that walking, plus he napped in the stroller at the airport etc.

We carried plenty of baby wipes and we used disposable bibs while we were away to minimize washing, they were made of paper and were very handy. We carried all the nappies we needed for the trip with us in our luggage from home.

While we were away we kept to JJ’s normal routine. We took his favourite toys from home plus his night light which helped him to sleep. The only difference to his normal environment was he was on a big boy’s bed rather than a toddler bed and he did really well staying in it.

Travelling home was good, we had a portable DVD player to keep JJ amused while we were on the plane on the way home (our flight left at 6pm.) We also carried some of his toys on board with us and little books to read. When we arrived back in Melbourne he zonked out once we got him in his stroller.

We are all looking forward to travelling in 2011 with our family and extended family on our next trip to Hong Kong.

Sounds like a great experience for your (and JJ’s)first trip abroad Alana. We look forward to hearing all about your Hong Kong trip next year - TWT