Disney With Twins

Grainne has just returned from Disneyland Paris with her twins Arwen & Leah, we found out all about her magical experience.

My twin daughters, Arwen and Leah are 6 and a half years old, (the half is very important!) The three of us recently went to Disneyland Paris for 3 nights/4 days.

Our flight was approximately an hour and 30 mins (we flew from Ireland). The girls were great travel companions on the flight & I was calm as a result. I brought new magazines & colouring books with pencils for them. I also brought a variety of sweets & treats for on the plane.

The kids coped well, at first they were a little cranky from the travelling & heat, but a dip in the pools really did the trick & plenty of drinks to keep them hydrated.

Travelling on my own with the girls didn’t really present any additional challenges; there was a 3 hour delay at the airport in Paris coming home so that was a bit tiring. I just kept them fed & watered and they had toys to play with & the fancy Paris airport toilets worked a treat too as a distraction and a novelty.

As for getting a break? Yeah, it’s called sleeping at night time. I wish I had of brought a really great dependable, fun friend, it was a bit lonely when the girls went to bed & also while queuing, just for someone adult to talk to really.

We went to the two Disney parks, we went out for dinner, met the Disney princess in Cinderella’s restaurant & we also went swimming, the hotel we stayed at had fabulous indoor & outdoor pools.

We used buses and the little trams to get around and I rented strollers at each of the parks. I would highly recommend renting the strollers, (even for older children as it can be tiring for them) and I discovered that as you cannot bring the strollers from one park to the other, If you rent a stroller from one park & keep your receipt for that day, when you bring it to the next park (same day) they give you another stroller at no extra fee.

We stayed at the Newport Bay club hotel in the Disneyland resort. Each standard room had two king size beds, so the twins slept in one & I in the other. I made sure I brought their bedtime teddy bears along from home. I would recommend staying in one of the hotels around the resort. There are free shuttle buses and even the furthest distance hotel which is the Newport Bay Club, was only a 10 minute walk.


Our only issue on the trip was when we arrived in Paris and to the hotel, the check in wasn’t until 3pm. So after an early flight, a 40 minute drive from Airport and queuing to check in that was a bit irritating to hear. We were hot/sweaty & just wanted to offload our bags & relax. They did however have a luggage room that you could put your bags etc.

My tips for other travelling parents would be to be as prepared as you possibly can, but also try to relax & be calm. Not all things run smoothly or according to plan but if you stay as calm as you can it won’t really affect the children. Be mindful not to buy everything you see….no matter how much your children plead! There’s oodles of Disney merchandise. Also note that some of the eateries can be very pricey.

It was a brilliant trip and I would do it again. Disney is a beautiful & magical place but it does take you a couple of days to acclimatise to being there and to find out where everything is.

My favourite memories from the trip are meeting the Princesses at the dinner, they were so beautiful & the three of us were so excited, even I wanted to be one and the Disney end of day parade & fireworks were really magical & goosebumpy!

Sounds like an amazing trip Grainne, We are very jealous of you and your gorgeous girls getting to mingle with a Diney princess - TWT