A Dad's Cautionary Tale

Brad flew from Melbourne to the UK with his one year old son Tom and his pregnant wife Michelle. He had some very specific advice to share with other parents.

We were travelling to the UK to see family and holiday in parts of Europe . We were on board the first flight from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur and it was going ok. We weren’t having too much trouble with Tom, he seemed to be coping ok and was only having slight issues with his ears.

The time came for a nappy change and it had to be done fast, it was stinky. It was my turn for the nappy change, so Tom and I headed into the loos. I got half way through the nappy change when the seatbelt sign came on, we had hit quite bad turbulence. I didn’t know what to do, I had a bare bottomed child half way through being cleaned up, there was no way I could take him back into the cabin as he was, there would have been some serious objections from other passengers so I stayed and kept working at changing him.

Tom was being bounced around on the change table, no doubt shaking up the contents of his tummy but we made it through the nappy change and back to the seat. No sooner had we sat down when Tom got sick all down the front of my clothes. Orange Juice. I was saturated. I spent the next 4 hours of the flight sitting in my boxer shorts hidden under a blanket with my pants off trying to get them dry! It was a LONG flight.

We arrived in KL late at night and I headed to the souvenir shops to buy myself a new t-shirt and hopefully some shorts or something, my orange juice pants had dried stiff as a board and not surprisingly... orange. I was out of luck, the only clothes I could find were Looney Tunes T-Shirts in small Asian sizes, obviously not made for six foot something Aussie guys… I ended up buying the biggest Tweety bird t-shirt I could find and paired that with my orange pants. I was a sight!

So my advice to all parents would be to a.) Take notice of the seatbelt sign no matter what and b.) Pack a change of clothes for yourself not just for your kids in your carry-on luggage.

Hilarious Brad! We will be sure to think of you next time we pack our carry on luggage! - TWT