Camping Mama

Hilke and her partner took the opportunity to get away camping before their baby arrives in a few weeks time, we think she is an inspiration so we asked her all about it.

We went camping at a bush site near Tatong in Victoria at just on 32 weeks pregnant.

I think a lot of people forget that I am pregnant not sick or incapacitated, I have been incredibly lucky to feel really well (other than the tiredness) so we made the most of feeling great and got away for a break.

I would recommend camping in pregnancy if you are feeling well, it was so quiet and peaceful and gave us a chance to spend time together and talk before the baby arrives.

The drive was about 4 hrs with a stop for 20 minutes halfway. I kept moving to different positions and did some stretches while sitting in the car (as far as that's possible) to try and stay comfortable and not too cramped.

I moved around a lot and stretched out on our break from the car. We took a high density foam mattress to sleep on and I was very very comfy, at this stage I don't sleep much at home and didn't sleep much at all camping but that is more about the baby than the location.

I took lots of comfort things from home with me like a hot water bottle and extra pillows. I also took lots of food and a big variety as I didn't know what I would feel like.

The only thing I didn’t take that I wish I had of is a foot stool, but I used a block of wood in the end and that did the job.

We do have ambulance cover and I had spoken to my doctor before we went.

Fortunately I didn’t have any medical problems (if I had of been feeling unwell we would have postponed or cancelled) We had talked about what to do if I had any problems and checked out where the nearest hospital was at Mansfield, we would have gone there at the first sign of any issues.

My biggest problems were keeping my balance getting in and out of a small tent and getting dressed in a tent with the bump.

I didn’t find camping while pregnant hard at all, I really enjoyed it and am happy that I didn't listen to other people saying that it would be better to stay at home.

Hilke, you’re a supermum, good on you for not letting pregnancy keep you at home! Let us know when you take bub on their first camping trip!

We cant wait to hear all about what bubs thinks of camping!- TWT