Camping in Coolum

It’s a tradition that Meg’s whole family spend 2 weeks camping at Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast every year. The first time Meg went along she was 8 months old, this year she had the very special experience of continuing the tradition with her own son, 6 month old Xander. Meg filled us in...

Camping with a baby was a little more challenging than I had initially thought, but after Xander and I got used to it, it was wonderful and so easy.

My favourite memory from the trip is how much Xander loved mangoes! He’d have one at lunchtime when it was really hot and just suck and chew at it until it was all over him, then we’d put him into his baby pool to wash it all off. We called it mango pool party time. It was hilariously cute.

The trip was very relaxed. We took Xander to the beach in the early mornings & evenings so he wouldn’t get burnt. In the heat of the day we played in the tent and the shade with his toys, read him books and splashed in his baby pool.

We camped in a big canvas tent and we had a huge tarp covering a large area to create shade. Xander and I shared a bed. (We co-sleep at home so we are used to the arrangement.) We brought an airbed but it was just too awkward trying to feed him in bed as I sunk in and he rose up, if you’ve ever s


lept on an airbed you know what I mean. So we put a foam mattress on the ground and shared that. It was much easier and more comfortable!

The first couple of days were a bit of a challenge getting him to sleep as it was so hot and he was a bit unsure; he had to have me around all the time. After that he adjusted and was fine and loved having so many people around.

Oh and the best part? I got out of doing the washing up and cooking as I was always busy with bub!! Gotta love that!!

We’ll be a bit more organised and more experienced next time but all in all it was a very successful trip. I’m already really looking forward to next year!

It sounds like a gloriously good time. Let us know how next year goes with Xander as a toddler!

I Couldn’t have lived without:

  • A Hug-a-bub baby carrier - we used this all the time and only used the pram once.
  • Baby pool - we used it to cool Xander off during the day and as his bath tub at night.

I wish I’d brought with me:

  • A beach sun shelter.
  • Some plastic shelves or tubs to organise his toys and nappy change stuff in the tent.