Three Top Tips for Travelling in Summer with the Kids

It’s great to escape the winter blues for a while and jetting off nearly always guarantees a lovely sunny holiday. While this is perfect for young families, it’s worth bearing in mind three top tips, especially where young children are concerned.

Protect tender skin

All skin needs protection from the sun, but small children have thinner skin which needs more care. This is especially the case on windy days or near water or sand which can both reflect sunlight. Pack plenty of high factor sun protection and apply it at least quarter of an hour before the children go outside. It can be tempting to let children play in their swimsuits, but try to cover up with a wide brimmed hat and a light coloured shirt whenever possible.

Carry bottled water everywhere

Children can dehydrate very quickly and it isn’t always safe to drink tap water. Keep several large bottles in the hotel room or apartment and take smaller bottles to the beach. Be wary of letting children have drinks with ice cubes as these are often made from tap water and can result in very poorly kiddies. Instead, stick to pre-chilled drinks and bottled water.

Get a mini first aid kit

Most holidays are accident free, but it always pays to be ready for any small tumbles and scratches. It is a good idea to take a selection of plasters, antiseptic wipes and liquid paracetamol. If anyone in the family is prone to allergies, it is also wise to take some child-friendly antihistamine medicine. This may come in especially handy if the children are sensitive to insect bites or some of the local flora. Remember that any liquids over 100ml or sharp items, like scissors, need to be packed in the hold luggage.

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