Child Proofing Hotel Rooms

Hotel rooms are not automatically safe for little ones. Carolyn Ziegler, Director of Dreambaby®, the child safety experts was kind enough to share the following tips with us to help make sure your next hotel stay is a safe one.

Precaution on Arrival - The first thing you should do when you enter your hotel room is to get down on your hands and knees and crawl around! From this angle you can see your new surrounds from child’s perspective and recognise any potential dangers more easily. Dangers might include power cords running behind TVs (they should be secured firmly with a power clamp) and sharp corners on heavy hotel furniture (bring a pack of removable corner cushions with you otherwise you will be up and down all the time). Hotels have heavy doors as well as solid furniture – a good tip is to ensure that your child is never last out of the room. This prevents them from accidently trapping fingers or their entire arm in a door.

Balcony Danger - Check if your room has a balcony. If it does, remove all the furniture and place it inside. Children can climb up onto balcony furniture and over railings. This is obviously extremely dangerous. Also make sure you can secure windows and sliding doors properly. If you can’t, address this with hotel staff immediately.

Travel Cots - If you have a very young child, place any travel cots away from windows to avoid accidental strangulation from cord blinds and make sure that the crib is also placed well away from furniture especially bedside tables. It’s tempting to leave items on top of bedside tables, which the child can easily reach and potentially swallow.

5 Second Rule - The infamous ‘five-second’ rule does not count in hotels! It’s the zero second rule! Carpets are much dirtier as are bedspreads in hotels so if you drop food or a dummy – don’t give it back to the child.

Bathroom Safety - Last but not least make sure you keep hotel bathroom floors dry so children don’t slip and fall. Also it’s an idea to take spout covers so kids don’t hurt themselves on hard and hot spouts and also non-slip bath suction mats.

At Travel with Tots we also recommend - If you have a baby at crawling/walking age it can be a good idea to put bins with plastic liners up on benches or sinks etc. to remove the risk of suffocation. Plus, we always like to check the TV is securely in its place and there is no danger of our little ones tipping it or pulling it onto themselves!

Travelling with kids is not without its challenges but it has enormous rewards as you broaden their horizons with new and exciting adventures. If you take a few precautions and stay vigilant, there is no reason why you all shouldn’t have a wonderful time.

Carolyn Ziegler is currently writing a book on child safety full of tips and must-have advice. For more information on all Dreambaby® products, visit or call (02) 9363 4000.

Carolyn Ziegler

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