Travelling with Medical Conditions and Special Needs

Travelling with Autism & Aspergers

Travel with an Autistic child presents a unique set of challenges, the below article provides some great advice to help you plan and carry out your trip.

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Travelling With Diabetes

Having Diabetes or a child with Diabetes doesn’t exclude you from travelling, with a little extra planning you CAN enjoy exciting family holidays. Diabetes Australia provide the following advice:

The following article is Reproduced from the ‘Travel and Diabetes’ information sheet developed and published by the State and Territory Organisations of Diabetes Australia Ltd.

Travel and Diabetes

Travelling With Asthma

Having Asthma or a child with Asthma doesn’t mean you can’t travel, with a little extra planning you can enjoy trouble free family holidays

The following article is reproduced with kind permission from the National Asthma Council Australia. For further information see their website at

The Traveller with Asthma