Travelling with our two year old, Anaphylactic Child

Jeanette is mum to Tomasz who has Anaphylaxis to Egg, they had a weekend away in Sydney when Tomasz was 2 years old. Jeanette kindly shared their story and how they prepared for the trip.

Tomasz was about 2 when we travelled to Sydney for a weekend, We packed all our own food for each day of the trip so we didn’t have to take any chances with trying to find safe foods for him. We took plenty of the noodles he can eat, and wipes, lots of wipes! We also gave him antihistamine every day before leaving the house, and we constantly washed his hands. We stayed with my sister and she thoroughly cleaned the house before we arrived and removed all egg.

We had a great trip with no medical problems. We went to the Sydney Aquarium and to Taronga Zoo, my favourite memory from the trip is seeing the look on Tomasz’s face when he saw the cockatoos at the zoo.


Make sure you call the airline ahead of time to find out what you need to do. I had to take the epi-pens back to the chemist and have the labels redone so that they were on the epi-pen container and not on the box packaging.

At Airport Security

I put Tomasz’s anaphylaxis plan, his asthma plan, and a letter from the doctor with his epi-pens and ventolin puffers in a clear plastic envelope so that when we went through security I could just show them to the guard and put them in the tray to go through the x-ray machine.


I talked to the stewards at the gate and explained about my son and asked if I could board first to clean the plane seats. They let me board before the kids or anyone else and I started cleaning our allocated seats with anti-bacterial wipes. We flew with Virgin who normally give passengers the option to buy egg-sandwiches in flight, I had called and spoken to the airline before hand so all the cabin crew knew of Tomasz’s condition, so if someone asked for egg sandwiches they were told they were unavailable.

On the Flight over we were seated at the back of the plane, where they normally put families with kids, so the seats and trays where especially dirty, and it took me a long time to clean them, so on the return when checking in I asked to be seated nearer to the front! Those seats were much cleaner and took very little effort to clean.

Thanks for sharing your story Jeanette, we’re sure it will be a great help to other parents hoping to get away for a break with their Anaphylactic children -TWT