Travelling with an Asthmatic 6 Year Old Child

Josh is dad to chronic Asthmatic, Kiahna who is now 6 years old, they have been on several family holidays and Josh kindly gave us the following tips for successful travel with Asthma.

We have been on several trips with Kiahna since she was 18 months old, including trips to Mildura and to Kangaroo Island we’ve had some really great experiences as a family; We saw Seals and Penguins at Kangaroo Island, went on a paddle steamer and visited a wave pool at Mildura. We also did lots of fishing and visited a theme park. The time away together was great.

On our trip to Kangaroo Island Kiahna got sick, it wasn’t Asthma related but she got Pneumonia and we had to take her straight to hospital for chest X-rays. It taught us a lot about being prepared. I wish that we’d had a plan in place of what to do if something went wrong. We do now, it is a big part of our holiday preparation for any trip.

Before we travel anywhere we need to make sure Kiahna is well before leaving and make sure we take all medications that she may need with us, this gives us peace of mind. We now have an Asthma plan that her paediatrician made up on one of our visits, it is specific to our daughter and details what we need to do and when.

I would offer the following tips to other parents to help ensure a safe and healthy trip:

Time the trip - if your child is prone to getting sick at a certain time of year then plan around that.

Have an action plan - When your child gets ill or has an attack it is a very stressful time – Make your plan with a clear head and follow it when you are stressed.

Make it a priority to do some ground work when you first arrive. Get in the car and drive to the local hospital. There is nothing worse than having a sick child in the car and fighting over directions. Also get all the phone numbers you might need together before you actually need them.

Most importantly enjoy your holiday… Kids grow up too fast!