Kids Passports, Travel Visas & Embassies

Kids Passports

All Australian’s require a passport to travel abroad, children are no longer added to their parent’s passport so even a new born baby travelling will need their own passport.

Passports generally take 10 working days to process once received by the passport office although you can pay an additional fee for rapid processing if required. Your child will need a birth certificate to apply.

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One of the challenges of getting a kids passport can be getting an acceptable photo taken (a certain TWT baby had 6 sets of photos done before getting it right.)

The following requirements among others must be met before a photo can be accepted: The child must be awake and looking at the camera with their mouth closed and baby's face must be clearly visible with no other objects in view (including a dummy).

For guidelines on what photos are acceptable click here (babies and kids are about halfway down the page)


It is a good idea to register with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade when travelling abroad so that the Australian Government know where you are in the event of an emergency - you can register here

For a list of Australian Embassies and consulates overseas click here

Travel Visas

Travel Visa requirements vary greatly between countries. Some countries will require you to have a visa for each member of the family while others allow a baby or child to be covered by a parent’s visa, other countries don’t require a visa at all and some will issue you with a visa on arrival at the airport with no advance paper work required.

Make sure you check out if a visa is required well before your travel date. Some visas can take weeks to process. The best place to start is to contact the embassy of the countries you will be visiting. A list of countries that have embassies in Australia can be found here

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