Double Duty Items

Travelling with kids is a daunting task as it is, but lugging around ‘stuff’ that’s not practical or needed can make it worse! We are all about making things easy when travelling with our little ones in tow. Each trip we go on we find we are getting better at packing and taking items we only really need or items that can double up their uses – AKA Double Duty travel items.     

We have put together a list below of our favourite double duty items, some seem obvious but worth a mention. 

1. Stroller –a perfect high chair for feeding times in places where high chairs are not available and also for snacks on the run! The stroller is a good place to keep your little one contained (playpen) when you need to get ready and don’t want them crawling around unsafe places. Sleep and nap times in the stroller are great when you are out and about too, our son loves his stroller so much that on nights when he has been unsettled in a new environment we pop in his stroller and he falls straight to sleep. I won’t mention how handy it is to carry my shopping bags 

2. Backpack – I have ditched a traditional (over the shoulder diaper bag) for a backpack style one – see review here. Having your hands free and bag on the back is enormously helpful! A backpack is handy for carrying an array of things on holiday and also becomes a great way to get the heavy groceries back to your accommodation.

3. Pegs - So handy to have on any trip, they are a versatile and have a range of uses. On the pram to hold blankets and wraps in place, on the plane we have secured a throw over the bassinet with a peg and to seal closed unwanted opened bag of crisps/ snacks to avoid spills and save for later. Of course the obvious use when you are at your destination to hang up washing etc.

4. Bulldog clips, these have the same use as above, but very useful on the plane to secure covers over the bassinets for babies, the lights on planes can be very bright if your lil one is trying to sleep and we found a bulldog clip was the only thing that would hold a cover over the bassinet. I have used a bulldog clip to hold a throw in place around my daughter in a make shift dress once, when I didn't have a change of clothes for her... Obvious use to hold your paperwork in place.

5. Ziplock bags - anything and everything, we use them to take washing powder with us, hair accessories, food items, you name it!  

6. Plastic toys are great as bath toys and beach toys. 

7. Wraps / Shawls - such a versatile item for mum and kiddies. On a colder evening it’s a great item to pop over your shoulders, it can go over your bathers at the beach (in several different ways). For kids it can be used as an extra blanket, shade cloth for the car or pram, or even a wrap around dress - as previously mentioned :)

8. Towels - they make a great non slip bath mat for in the bath for your kiddies

9. Socks - pop them over taps in the bathroom so kids can’t play with them and also on door handles of doors you don't want opened can be opened

10. Hair ties - wrap around kitchen door handles to keep things safe from kids. use them to close snack packets and save for later

11. Pillows / pool noodles - Use these to wedge under the side of a bed to create a barrier so kids don't fall out of the bed. pool noodles are great, put them under the sheet. With pillows I put them under the mattress to elevate it a bit to create a hill so it’s harder for the kids to roll out of

12. Paper towel tubes - are a perfect way to pack scarves, wrap them around the tubes and then fill the tube with delicate items, like tights (saves them from snagging and laddering) and then clip on hair accessories onto the tube too...multiple uses! Also a handy way to transport chargers - stuff them inside.

 We hope the above items come in handy, let us know if you have anything to add. 

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