Double Duty Items

Travelling with kids is a daunting task as it is, but lugging around ‘stuff’ that’s not practical or needed can make it worse! We are all about making things easy when travelling with our little ones in tow. Each trip we go on we find we are getting better at packing and taking items we only really need or items that can double up their uses – AKA Double Duty travel items.     

Solo & Single Parent Travel

Single parent travel with your children presents some additional challenges. The following tips may help you plan a more stress free trip;

Kids Passports, Travel Visas & Embassies

Kids Passports

All Australian’s require a passport to travel abroad, children are no longer added to their parent’s passport so even a new born baby travelling will need their own passport.

Passports generally take 10 working days to process once received by the passport office although you can pay an additional fee for rapid processing if required. Your child will need a birth certificate to apply.

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Fear of Flying

Les Posen is a Clinical Psychologist with twenty years experience helping people deal with excessive fears and anxieties, especially fear of flying. He has the following tips to help us through our fears;

Les Posen