Infant Baggage Allowances for all Airlines

This is the most up to date list of nearly every airline (at least the major ones), shout out if we have missed any you wish were here!

Check out the below alphabetical list:

Air Asia - A collapsible stroller is permitted free of charge.

Air Canada - 2 bags with a maximum weight per bag of 23kg (50lb)+ 1 stroller.

Air Calin - 10 kg and one small collapsible stroller.

Air China - One bag may be checked free of charge plus a collapsible stroller or carrying basket.

Air France - 1 baggage item weighing 10 kg/22 lb. maximum & 1 fold-up stroller.

Air India - 1 piece up to 10kg & 1 collapsible stroller/carrycot/infant car seat.

Air Malta - 10 kg baggage and a collapsible stroller.

Air Mauritius - infant passengers will benefit from a free baggage allowance of 10 kg plus one pram and one piece of cabin baggage.

Air New Zealand - Infants are entitled to the same baggage allowance as their accompanying adult, including car seats and strollers. Economy1 piece, max weight 23kg (adult allowance)

Air Pacific - 10kg + stroller plus an extra 3kg of carry on baggage allowance

Air Tahiti Nui - 1 Piece Max 22 lbs / 10 kg plus 1 folding stroller.

American Airlines - Infants dont have a baggage allowance. However a safety seat or stroller and Nappy bag are allowed free of charge.

Austrian Airlines - One piece up to 10kg plus 1 baby carrier, child car seat or collapsible stroller.

British Airways - One bag plus one fully-collapsible pushchair (stroller) and one car seat. You cannot pay to take extra bags for an infant

Cathay Pacific - One piece up to 10kgs plus a collapsible stroller. You may also bring an infant bassinet or cot (that can fit on fold down shelves and can be properly secured) and a nappy bag with Infant food and nappies (for consumption in flight) may be carried on board.

Emirates - One piece of baggage up to 10 kg plus a collapsible stroller. Note: strollers must be checked in as baggage but the airline will provide a stroller for use at the airport.

Etihad Airways - 23 kg - including carry cot/car seat and all other accessories Plus a collapsible stroller and one carry on bag.

Finnair - Infants may bring 10 kg or 22 lbs. of baggage and one folding pushchair.

Garuda - Infants are allowed 10 Kgs (22lb) of baggage and a collapsible stroller.

Japan Airlines - Infants are allowed 10 kg(22lbs.) and one additional item consisting of any of the following: folding infant stroller, portable infant rocking cradle or car seat.

Jetstar - All pushers, strollers and car seats are able to be checked-in for free. Note: strollers must be checked in as baggage but the airline will provide a stroller for use at the airport.

KLM - One piece up to 10 kg (22 lbs). Plus a collapsible stroller and an additional piece of carry on luggage.

Korean Airlines - 1 piece up to 10kg plus one of collapsible stroller, portable cradle or car seat.

Lufthansa - One bag up to kgs plus a fully collapsible pushchair

Malaysian Airlines - Infants are allowed one bag with maximum dimensions of 45 in/115cm, which may be carried as cabin baggage, and one fully collapsible baby pushchair or stroller or carrying basket. The weight of the allowed items may not exceed 22 lb/10 kg in total.

Philippine Airlines - Infants are entitled to 10 kgs checked baggage plus one fully collapsible stroller or pushchair.

Qantas - Infants receive the following allowance: No allowance on Australian domestic and regional flights. 10kg (22lb) on all international routes. Adults accompanying infants are entitled to check in one collapsible stroller or a carry basket or bassinet (stowed in the aircraft hold). This is in addition to the normal free baggage allowance for adults.

SAS - Infant (any class) 10 kg / 22 lbs plus a collapsible stroller

Singapore Airlines - Infants are permitted 10 kgs of luggage, In addition, a fully collapsible stroller or pushchair or carry-cot may be checked in without charge.

South African Airlines - Infants not entitled to a seat are permitted 1 checked piece and up to 10 kg (22lb) and one collapsible stroller. Accompanying adults can also carry on board above standard carry on allowances Infant food for consumption during the flight and an infant carry cot.

Sri Lankan Airlines - One collapsible stroller or carrying basket plus infant items for use inflight ie nappies/ baby food..

Swiss Air - Children under two years of age have a right to 1 piece of baggage (max. 10 kg) and a folding pushchair.

Thai Airways - Infants are allowed 10 kgs of luggage plus 1 fully collapsible child stroller, pushchair or infant-carrying basket.

Tiger Airways - Infants have no included luggage allowance but Tiger will allow one piece of infant equipment such as prams, buggies or car seats.

Turkish Airlines - One piece up to 10kg and a fully collapsible stroller.

United Airlines - Strollers may be checked to your final destination without a fee, in addition to your normal baggage allowance.

US Airways - There is no included baggage allowance but you are allowed to take a stroller or car seat free of charge.

V Australia - Infants are allowed one checked baggage not exceeding 10kgs plus one stroller, bassinet or car seat. They are also entitled to one extra piece of carry-on baggage weighing no more than 7kg.

Vietnam Airlines - Infants are permitted one piece of baggage weighing less than 10kg Plus one collapsible stroller.

Virgin Atlantic - One piece of checked baggage up to 10 kg. Plus one piece of hand luggage and a pram or bassinet or car seat will be carried free of charge.

Virgin Australia - Infant equipment such as Pram/stroller, Portable cot, Car seat, Baby capsule can be carried free of charge. If you are travelling with an infant you may also carry-on an extra bag containing item such as nappies or baby food for use in-flight. All other infant baggage will be included as part of the parent or guardian’s purchased/free baggage allowance.

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