A Flight Attendants Tips for Flying

Didier is a flight attendant with a popular Australian airline, we had a chat to find out what tips for flying with small Children children he had for us.

Is it ok to ask a flight attendant for help when travelling with a baby or child?

Yes, especially if you are travelling on your own, we can help carrying a mum's bag if she is struggling, or hold the baby if needed (this is my favourite part, getting to hold the baby.) On board you can ask the flight attendant to mind your baby if you need the toilet etc. we are happy to assist any way we can.

Should I feel bad if my baby cries and annoys the passenger next to me?

Not at all, babies are just being babies, and they are crying for a reason. If you feel the passenger next to you is annoyed, ask the flight attendant if there is a spare row of seats that you can move to, if possible we are generally really happy to help.

Do you have any tips for parents flying with kids?

Bring their favourite toys, portable DVD player, games, colouring books, lots of favourite snacks etc. to entertain kids during the flight. Please bring baby paracetamol too and for night flights; bring their little pillow, blankets and P.J’s. It’s really important to bring your own baby’s milk as well, for health reasons we are unable to provide milk for babies and we don’t carry any baby formula on board.

Are you able to heat up baby bottles or food or is that impossible?

Unfortunately we don't have the facilities onboard to. The best we can do is put hot water in a cup and put the baby bottles and food in there and let them sit to heat up.

Great tips thanks Didier, Is there anything you’d like to add?

Take Eucalyptus oil when travelling. It’s great for adults and kids, if you get sore ears onboard put a few drop in a napkin and sniff it.

Please dont let kids stand on seats, arm rests or tray tables. It’s very dangerous, we can hit turbulence anytime and remember, if we ask you or the kids not to do something it’s not because we are mean it’s because we care for your safety onboard.

Right, we’ll try to behave ourselves on board!! Thanks for chatting with us Didier we love getting first hand advice.

You’re welcome, I hope to see all of you and your little ones onboard very soon.

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