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Cheapflights Guide to Flying with Children

We know how exciting it can be to go on a family holiday with your children, but we also know how hectic it can be if you aren’t as prepared as you could be. We’ve created this eBook so you’ve got the best advice on how to get your kids ready for a flight, how to pack, and what to do to keep them happy and entertained whilst you’re flying.

Camping with Babies and Young Children

Camping with young babies can certainly be challenging– however, it is still great to get out and about – it just requires a little more organisation.

Great Toy Ideas for Travelling by Plane

A common question we get asked is what toys to take on the flight for kids. We have discussed this topic on our facebook page and decided to make a page on our site dedicated to this. Below are some great ideas from our facebook followers, if you have anything to add, please do so at the bottom.

Thanks to all for your contribution and we hope these suggestions help.

Ipad / Ipod touch

Transit Hotels and Lounges

When travelling with kids, an airport hotel, a transit hotel or even an airport lounge can turn a long stopover from a hellish ordeal into a pleasant way to break up a journey.

Transit hotels do not require you to go through immigration and customs; you simply stay within the airport and are generally charged in blocks of hours. They give you a chance to lie down (fully stretched out), have a shower or bath and in some cases even a swim.

Infant Baggage Allowances for all Airlines

This is the most up to date list of nearly every airline (at least the major ones), shout out if we have missed any you wish were here!

Check out the below alphabetical list:

Air Asia - A collapsible stroller is permitted free of charge.

Air Canada - 2 bags with a maximum weight per bag of 23kg (50lb)+ 1 stroller.

Air Calin - 10 kg and one small collapsible stroller.

A Flight Attendants Tips for Flying

Didier is a flight attendant with a popular Australian airline, we had a chat to find out what tips for flying with small Children children he had for us.

Is it ok to ask a flight attendant for help when travelling with a baby or child?

Yes, especially if you are travelling on your own, we can help carrying a mum's bag if she is struggling, or hold the baby if needed (this is my favourite part, getting to hold the baby.) On board you can ask the flight attendant to mind your baby if you need the toilet etc. we are happy to assist any way we can.

Top 10 Tips to Survive a Driving Holiday

Annetta travelled by car all the way from Melbourne, Victoria to the little seaside town of 1770 (between Bundaberg and Gladstone in Northern Queensland) with her husband and two toddler daughters (a two and a one year old) to spend Christmas. She survived with her sanity intact and has kindly put together a list of tips to help other parents plan a drama free trip.

Frequent Ferry Travellers

Susan is mum to two gorgeous toddlers; Jack and Lucy. They are regular ferry travellers so we asked their mum to fill us in on how they cope and share any tips for travel by boat.

Long Car Trips With Kids

The thought of heading off in the car on a long trip with the kids may be a little daunting but it doesn’t have to be, it is possible to enjoy yourselves and arrive at your destination with your sanity intact. A little advance planning is required; here are our tips to help you on your way:

At The Airport & On Board The Flight

We know that travelling by air with children certainly has its challenges however, if you plan and prepare it can be a stress free experience. We’ve put together the following tips to help make air travel as stress free as possible.


At the Airport

Get to the airport early, that way you can check on seat requests (i.e. bassinet or bulk head requests) you can feed bub, feed mum and dad, have a walk around, and find an empty departure gate to run (or crawl) around to burn off some energy.