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Lyn has just returned from a 7 night Captain Cook cruise of the Yasawa islands, Fiji with her 3 daughters, we sat down with Lyn to ask her what she thought of the experience.

My three daughters are Ailie (18), Caitlin (15) and Kelly (10). We have recently come back from a seven night cruise with Captain Cook which was actually two combined cruises (the 3 night & 4 night cruises) of the Yasawa islands, Fiji.

This was our first cruise as a family, it was suggested to us by a family member. A large group of friends and family were going and we were looking for a different holiday experience as we had all done land holidays before.

The children really enjoyed the cruise experience, it was different to any of our other family holidays. There was good bonding time for the girls. They spent the majority of their time together enjoying floor shows, eating, sharing rooms etc. There was no boredom at all; there’s a tv room on board they could go to if they wanted, with books & video’s. There was a similar aged teen on the first part of the cruise, then 3 younger children on the next cruise, after some initial shyness they were all interacting with each other.

I could see the benefit of the girls just having time together without everyday pressures, spending time talking to each other. The safety aspect was great; I knew they were ok even without being by our sides. They couldn’t go very far, so they couldn’t get lost, they could get themselves a drink or snack and not have to handle cash.

The crew were amazing. They adored the kids and looked after them completely. They even took Kelly our youngest daughter out snorkelling when my husband and I didn’t want to go. Crew members were always coming and talking to the kids, showing interest in their lives, playing with them, asking how their day was etc. I can’t fault them at all. We never ever felt like the kids were not 100% welcome.

The on board menu catered for many tastes, my eldest daughter Ailie is a very fussy eater, and we requested quite basic foods for her which didn’t seem to be a problem.

Between the five of us we had three cabins all alongside each other with private bathrooms, each cabin slept two people. The rooms weren’t overly big but were enough for what we needed, we had no trouble sleeping at all, and the beds were very comfortable.

I would absolutely do a cruise holiday again. I probably wouldn’t do that same cruise again for a while but only because we would repeat what we have recently seen. The size of the boat was good too, it wasn’t massive, I think it held about 150 people, and it wasn’t full which made our cruise a lot more personal and therefore more special.

Small Ship Cruising was definitely a plus for family time, I think on a bigger cruise liner I may not feel as comfortable with letting the kids go and do their own thing. Another plus was that we did eat together; we had conversations about their day and what they thought of the local culture etc.

It was wonderful to be travelling and be somewhere that you didn’t have a worry in the world, everything was included and taken care of. You just rolled up to do whatever you felt like doing, no pressure & no worries about where the girls were or if they were ok. Overall it was a fantastic experience.

I LOVE to travel and have a passion to show my kids other cultures; I love to take them wherever I can. Fiji has taught me ‘don’t worry about yesterday and don’t worry about tomorrow unless it is today’. Many parents worry about taking their children away from school to go on ‘holiday’. We have travelled extensively with our girls for quite a few years and feel it compliments their education to be in an outside classroom. I say take your kids to see the world, let them absorb the cultural differences in society, it can only be a plus.

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