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We think Home Swapping sounds like a great, economical option for travelling families so we asked Sherry Symonds from Family Holiday HOME SWAP to give us the run down on house exchange.

Save thousands on your next Family Holiday! By Sherry Symonds

Home swapping is an alternative holiday option that removes the hassle of carrying extra luggage and the cost of accommodation on your holiday.

We all love the feeling of escaping from our usual daily lives and packing our bags to jet set to a new and exciting destination. As we settle down and have families this luxury becomes more expensive and more of a hassle, especially with young children. This is the reason why more and more people are catching onto the idea of home swapping each and every day.

Home swapping is one of the fastest growing trends in today’s tourism industry and is becoming a worldwide success, due to the many benefits it offers.

As the founder of Family Holiday HOME SWAP I wanted to take this opportunity in giving you a run down on what home swapping is, explain why it’s perfect for your family and why you should home swap with.

What is home swapping and who does it?

Home swapping is where you swap your home with another party for an agreed period of time. This could be anywhere from a weekend away to a long-term swap e.g. teacher exchange program. This is done by browsing through the homes on our website, contacting other members with homes and destinations you like around the world, then contacting the owner to discuss and agree on your swap. It’s that simple!

We believe that most people likely to do a home swap are young couples with children.

They are switched-on families who are savvy with their money and try to utilise it in the smartest way possible.

They are also adventurous people who love traveling to new, exciting and interesting destinations.

Although many people have heard of home swapping only a handful have ever done it. We believe many more would actually give it a try if the service was right and with a bit more insight!

The benefits of home swapping and why it’s perfect for your family

  • Home swap versus hotel - One of the problems with staying in hotels is the lack of space in a room or suite that is needed for a family. There would be nothing worse than being stuck in a hotel room with bored children, and having to go out all of the time to keep them entertained. Or having to spend more money to put them into a kids club or other activities, so that you can have some me time to relax. With a self-contained house though, you have the choice of being able to eat in or have a BBQ with the family and enjoy the space and comfort of being able to stay inside without getting on each other’s nerves. If your swap partner has children of a similar age there will most likely be toys, books, board games, computer games etc. already there for their amusement.
  • Money savings - With free accommodation worldwide it’s obvious that families can save a lot of money when they home swap, and we all know there’s nothing better than free, right! If you add up the costs for accommodation and also other factors such as car hire and flights this can add up to thousands of dollars. Especially in today’s economy, money has never been more precious and we have never been more conscious of it. We all need to get by day to day and we all want be able to go on holidays, and by home swapping this allows us to still enjoy our quality time together as a family without feeling guilty about the cost spent on our holiday.
  • Convenience of a home that’s ‘decked out for kids’ - All children have needs, whether it is their favourite toys or little people’s accessories. Just imagine going on holidays and not having to take a port-a-cot, change table, strollers, bikes or what seems like hundreds of toys and so on. Your swap partner may already have all of these ready and waiting for you to help yourself to on your arrival, as you might for them also.
  • More holidays to enjoy - Being curious and inquisitive humans like we are, travel will always play a big part in our lives and home swapping allows us to be able to extend holiday durations or be able to go on many more holidays because of the savings you gain by not paying for accommodation. Being able to spend more quality time bonding with our family is something we all work towards.
  • No need for car hire - You can arrange with your swap partner to swap cars, child seats and other equipment. Imagine the added freedom and convenience that this gives you during your holiday. (Note that you will have to contact your insurer, as some changes may need to be made to your policy).

Why should we use Family Holiday HOME SWAP instead of one of the well-established services?

Family Holiday HOME SWAP offers something new and exciting to the long established market of home swapping. Unlike a lot of existing websites which are largely generic, we are the first website to specialise in home swapping for families and we offer specific needs and wants to this niche market by providing:

  • 'One click' search options for child friendly homes that are 'decked out for kids' including such things as cots, strollers, change tables, bikes, car seats etc.
  • Travel articles with great suggestions on 'holiday hotspots'
  • Tips & advice on travelling with kids whilst on your way and at your destination
  • Regular ideas on kid friendly destinations throughout the world

As a member you will also receive full access to highly valuable information on how to find a home swap, organising your home, finalising and sealing the deal on your home swap. Plus, we have extremely useful guides and agreements for your use.

We are currently offering 2 years FREE MEMBERSHIPS to the first 200 people, so if you are looking for a family friendly, international home swapping community we guarantee you will see the benefits from becoming a member of Family Holiday HOME SWAP.

Give home swapping a go on your next holiday!

Still have some questions… Worried about damage to property? Not sure about letting strangers into your home? Concerned your home isn’t fancy enough to swap? We address all of your concerns in the ‘common questions’ section of our website.

Thanks for filling us in Sherry , we look forward to trying Home Swappping with Family Holiday HOME SWAP in the near future. For more info on Family Holiday HOME SWAP please visit their website at www.familyholidayhomeswap.com

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