Small Group Touring - G Adventures

Joy travelled to Vietnam last year with Gap Adventures on her own with her two Daughters, Courtney aged 11 and Amanda aged 8. She joined two other families on Gap’s 12 day Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh led by local guide, Lap.

Joy describes the tour as a great adventure experience. We had the opportunity to see more of the country than we usually would when travelling on our own. With the sudden unexpected change in weather, I was so glad we had Lap with us to look after all the logistics; his local knowledge was invaluable at every stop and added heaps to our vacation.

Home Swapping Holidays

We think Home Swapping sounds like a great, economical option for travelling families so we asked Sherry Symonds from Family Holiday HOME SWAP to give us the run down on house exchange.

Save thousands on your next Family Holiday! By Sherry Symonds

Home swapping is an alternative holiday option that removes the hassle of carrying extra luggage and the cost of accommodation on your holiday.

Small Ship Cruising

Lyn has just returned from a 7 night Captain Cook cruise of the Yasawa islands, Fiji with her 3 daughters, we sat down with Lyn to ask her what she thought of the experience.

My three daughters are Ailie (18), Caitlin (15) and Kelly (10). We have recently come back from a seven night cruise with Captain Cook which was actually two combined cruises (the 3 night & 4 night cruises) of the Yasawa islands, Fiji.

Fathering Adventures

When looking around for holiday options for solo parents we came across a web site called Fathering Adventures and thought it sounded like a wonderful idea so we contacted them to learn more and here’s what we found out.

Fathering Adventures provide 2 night Father Son Adventures for boys aged between 7 and 13 years, and their dad, or significant male other and 5 night Adventures for young men aged from 13 years and their dad, or significant male other.