The Bali Affect

Holidays! What an wonderful privilege to be able to take a holiday, visit somewhere new, maybe somewhere many miles away with a different culture, language and cuisine. Soaking up the differences, taking a break from ‘your’ world. Wonderful for the adult mind, but my goodness how mind blowing for little ones!

Koh Samui, Thailand - with our little ladies

I can’t lie, I was a touch nervous about travelling to Thailand for a family wedding with an almost 3 year old (Charli) and a 4.5 month old (Matilda).

We visited a travel Dr who suggested Charli, who is fully vaccinated have a Hep A injection and nothing for Matilda. She stressed that the girls were not to drink bath water or touch the animals, specifically monkeys and stray dogs (rabies).

A Stopover in Dubai With a Toddler

Alicia, her husband James and their gorgeous toddler Spencer, recently broke up their long flight from Australia to the UK with a stopover each way in Dubai.

Our little boy Spencer was 14 months old when we flew to England to visit family. We decided to break up the trip with a night in Dubai each way. I would really recommend breaking up a long haul trip when travelling with kids.

Italian Villa Experiences

Jane Black is a director of Italian Villa Vacations. She travels regularly to Italy for business and is fortunate enough to be able to take her children with her. Jane was kind enough to share some of her Italian travel experiences with us.

Canada For Children

Jennifer Morton took her 3 year old son Tai to Canada to visit her birth place and meet his Canadian family, Jennifer kindly shares the experience with us.

Tai was three years old when we went to Canada for a month-long holiday. I had spent several years dreaming of taking my Kiwi boys to meet my family so when we boarded the Air Canada flight in Sydney it felt surreal.

Tiny Frequent Flyers

Bob and his two sons Max and Alex are repeat toddler travellers so we had a chat with them about the tactics they use to make their travels drama free.