Koh Samui, Thailand - with our little ladies

I can’t lie, I was a touch nervous about travelling to Thailand for a family wedding with an almost 3 year old (Charli) and a 4.5 month old (Matilda).

We visited a travel Dr who suggested Charli, who is fully vaccinated have a Hep A injection and nothing for Matilda. She stressed that the girls were not to drink bath water or touch the animals, specifically monkeys and stray dogs (rabies).

Touring Vietnam While Pregnant

Kylie spent 5 weeks in Vietnam on her honeymoon at the end of her first trimester. How did she cope? We sat down with her to get the details.

I was 3 months pregnant when we left Australia on a 12 hour flight via Singapore. We flew with Singapore airlines, they were great, the flight wasn’t full and they let us stretch out.

Thailand with a Baby

Adam and his wife, Erica travelled to Koh Samui, Thailand with their one year old son, Will last year.

Here is Adam’s story:

A Month in Thailand With 2 Toddlers

Sarah recently relocated to Australia from the UK, on their way to Oz her family took the opportuniy to spend a month in Thailand. Sarah kindly shares the family’s travel experiences with us

Thailand – We swapped the backpacks for the kids!

The travel path around Thailand in South East Asia is well worn by backpackers. When my husband and I had a career break in 2004 Thailand became our home away from home, and one of our favourite places in the world.

Junior Jetsetters

Bec is mum to Hunter 3 (and three quarters) and Savannah 1, both are becoming quite seasoned little travellers so we asked Bec for her tips to make travel fun and easy for the whole family.

We have been to Brisbane, Thailand, Perth and Melbourne. Hunter was 15 months for his first plane trip, and has travelled multiple times since then, Savannah first travelled at 3 months and again at 7 months.


A Phuket Beach Baby

After 8 glorious days in Phuket, Thailand with her 15 month old daughter Olivia, Karly returns to reality and tells us about her trip.

We spent 8 days at Patong Beach in Phuket for my brother’s wedding. Olivia adjusted surprisingly well. We had to take our lead from her initially as she wasn’t sure what was going on and trying to force her into naps etc. just ended in tears and a lot of stress. When we relaxed and let her guide us she fell into a pattern that was similar to home.