Flying with kids

Canada with a Toddler

Jolie is mum to one little man; Oscar, when Oscar was 15 months old Jolie and her little family travelled to Canada for a holiday, here is their story:

Oscar was 15 months when we travelled and currently is 20 months old. We went to Canada on a skiing and driving holiday for 3 weeks.

We had a 15 hour Flight to LA with a Brisbane stop over on the way and we also had a few internal flights in Canada which averaged about 4 hours each. We did a lot of driving and the longest we were in the car at any one time was 5 hours.

Junior Jetsetters

Bec is mum to Hunter 3 (and three quarters) and Savannah 1, both are becoming quite seasoned little travellers so we asked Bec for her tips to make travel fun and easy for the whole family.

We have been to Brisbane, Thailand, Perth and Melbourne. Hunter was 15 months for his first plane trip, and has travelled multiple times since then, Savannah first travelled at 3 months and again at 7 months.