North America


The beautiful islands of Hawaii are an ideal destination when travelling with kids. Children are welcome just about everywhere on the islands. Hawaii’s beautiful beaches, amazing culture, stunning mountain scenery and waterfalls mean this destination has something for every travelling tot and their parents; you can view an active volcano, swim with turtles and other sea and bird life, many hotels have kids clubs and the kids can take hula lessons while mum and dad enjoy a cocktail and massage.

Mexico & Cuba - Second Trimester

Vanessa spent 6 weeks travelling in Mexico and Cuba in her 2nd trimester of pregnancy. Vanessa kindly shared her travel experiences with us.

New York City with a Toddler

Jane is the clever mummy behind the fab Brisbane based blog ‘eat out with kids.’ 2 years ago Jane travelled to the United States with her then 18month old son, we chatted about the good, the bad and the very expensive health care…

Canada with a Toddler

Jolie is mum to one little man; Oscar, when Oscar was 15 months old Jolie and her little family travelled to Canada for a holiday, here is their story:

Oscar was 15 months when we travelled and currently is 20 months old. We went to Canada on a skiing and driving holiday for 3 weeks.

We had a 15 hour Flight to LA with a Brisbane stop over on the way and we also had a few internal flights in Canada which averaged about 4 hours each. We did a lot of driving and the longest we were in the car at any one time was 5 hours.

Canada For Children

Jennifer Morton took her 3 year old son Tai to Canada to visit her birth place and meet his Canadian family, Jennifer kindly shares the experience with us.

Tai was three years old when we went to Canada for a month-long holiday. I had spent several years dreaming of taking my Kiwi boys to meet my family so when we boarded the Air Canada flight in Sydney it felt surreal.


One of those countries that not everyone gets to but for the adventurous family, what a time you can have!

North America

Probably one of the best continents to travel to with your family.

The thrills and adventures of the theme parks in California or Florida, the natural wonders of Yosemite National park, the wilderness of Canada, the skiing in Colorado or British Columbia, the colonial history of the Eastern states, the cosmopolitan and high life of New York, the Mayan history or Mexico and the beauty of the Caribbean lapping at the shores of the countries and states fortunate enough to be there to basque in its glory.