Middle East

A Stopover in Dubai With a Toddler

Alicia, her husband James and their gorgeous toddler Spencer, recently broke up their long flight from Australia to the UK with a stopover each way in Dubai.

Our little boy Spencer was 14 months old when we flew to England to visit family. We decided to break up the trip with a night in Dubai each way. I would really recommend breaking up a long haul trip when travelling with kids.

UAE - United Arab Emirates

Dubai and Abu Dhabi arguably two of the finest locations in the Middle East help to make up this small yet significant country.

Middle East

Throughout history, the Middle East has been a major centre of world affairs, a strategically, economically, politically, culturally and religously sensitive area. The historical origins of major religions suchas Judaism, Christianity and Islam. This is a melting pot of culture, and a trip to any part of the Middle East will be challenging and yet equally rewarding as you discover the mystic of these diverse countries. Generally this part of the world is extremely hot and arid so you need to be prepared to holiday here.