Ireland with a 5 month old

Travelling with a 5 month old on a 30 hour trip door to door. Firstly I was well equipped thanks to all of the advice at travelwithtots and had packed a sheepskin for the bassinet in flight. This was so handy as there was no way he would have slept without something making it more comfortable. The only problem was, Sonny is always so warm that he got too hot at times so we had to try and keep him cool.

Tips for Traveling to Rome with Children

Some Tips for Traveling to Rome with Children

Rome is one of the most culturally rich cities in the world, and it is an exciting destination for adults and children alike. Whilst most people focus on what you do once you arrive at the destination, good planning beforehand will also ensure a great trip. So here is a quick rundown on planning for a trip that will keep the kids grumpy free and keep mum 100% stress free …well as much as possible.

Before you leave:

Long haul travel journey with a 4 month old

We departed Melbourne on a 10pm flight headed for Adu Dhabi (approx 14 hour flight), 2 hour wait in Transit and then a further 7 hours to London. I was pretty nervous flying with Rachel for the first time and it was such a long way to the UK.

Touring the Western Front

Shells, trenches and a nappy bag- touring the Western Front with a baby. Samantha travelled with her mother & her 7 month old daughter Josie to Belgium and the UK. While travelling the family visited the historical Western Front. Below is Samantha’s account of their moving day trip.


Austria is a very child friendly country. Winter or Summer, Austria is a great family destination with plenty to do to keep all the family amused. From skiing and tobogganing in winter to taking a boat ride down the Danube River on a lovely summers day.  Sound of Music fans can even take a bus trip to explore all the sights and scenes from the movie all the whilst singing along to the songs on the tour bus!

Pregnancy surprise in Malta

My Husband and I headed to Malta for a week of gorgeous food, fine wines and some sunshine....little did we know we had a stowaway.

My Husband and I had been trying for a baby for what seemed like forever so we booked a holiday to take our minds off it all.

Italian Villa Experiences

Jane Black is a director of Italian Villa Vacations. She travels regularly to Italy for business and is fortunate enough to be able to take her children with her. Jane was kind enough to share some of her Italian travel experiences with us.

Frequent European Travellers

Vanessa Layton is the founder of Hello, Charlie! and a happy Totseat retailer. She is also is a frequent traveller to Europe with her English husband and her two sons. Vanessa was kind enough to share some of her travel tips and experiences with us:

Visiting Finland With a Toddler

Julie has just returned from a trip with her daughter, Scarlett to Finland. Here she shares their experience with us.

Where to start!? I just took my 1 year old child on my own for a 2 week adventure to Finland and had the time of my life!! I’ll try to make this story as helpful as possible to assist other mums and dads thinking of embarking on similar journeys that may be experiencing the same fears I faced in the lead up to our holiday.

Disney With Twins

Grainne has just returned from Disneyland Paris with her twins Arwen & Leah, we found out all about her magical experience.

My twin daughters, Arwen and Leah are 6 and a half years old, (the half is very important!) The three of us recently went to Disneyland Paris for 3 nights/4 days.