The Bali Affect

Holidays! What an wonderful privilege to be able to take a holiday, visit somewhere new, maybe somewhere many miles away with a different culture, language and cuisine. Soaking up the differences, taking a break from ‘your’ world. Wonderful for the adult mind, but my goodness how mind blowing for little ones!

Tips for a Family Adventure in Australia

 Australia is jam-packed full of adventure - so much so that you’d need several lifetimes to experience all of it. When the school holidays roll around, it’s a great time to take the kids and get them started early on getting out there and discovering Australia for themselves. Some grown-up holidays will be boring for kids - but at the same time, you want something mum and dad can enjoy too. Luckily Australia has plenty to offer that will satisfy everyone, whether you want to start enjoy the coast or some of the beautiful sceneries in the Outback.

Travel with Tots in New Zealand

Planning a holiday with your family to New Zealand? From Auckland to Queenstown, touring the country with your tots is easy to do. Here are some of our favourite places to stay and explore as well as a few travel tips to ensure you get the most out of your family holiday.


Camping Mama

Hilke and her partner took the opportunity to get away camping before their baby arrives in a few weeks time, we think she is an inspiration so we asked her all about it.

We went camping at a bush site near Tatong in Victoria at just on 32 weeks pregnant.


Koala and joey in tree
Great Ocean road
The Pinnacles

There is nothing like travelling through your own backyard with the kids. Going on that camping trip that your parents took you on, rolling out the swag and pitching the tent at some of the most incredible campsites around Australia.

Check out our Top 10 Summer Holiday Destinations in and around Australia.

Fiji with a Toddler

Alana travelled to Fiji earlier this year with her 2 year old son JJ. We were lucky enough to hear all about their fabulous island holiday:

We went to Fiji in July with our family and extended family (10 adults and 6 kids under 6). It was a great trip and very interesting as it’s the first time I have ever been overseas!

The Great Aussie Road Trip - Sapphire Coast

Rachel is the mummy behind the Great Aussie Road Trip. She, her husband Greg and their 3 kids travel our country and share their experiences to help other families get out and see Australia. Here is Rachel’s account of their latest trip.

I’m sure everyone in Australia has a favourite family holiday place. The place that you might have gone to when you were a child, or that place that you go to with your family every holidays you can get. For us it’s Tathra on the NSW South Coast.

Fiji with a Baby

Kirsty and her husband were lucky enough to travel to Fiji for a holiday when their son Kobe was 5 and a half months old.

Kirsty kindly fills us in on their trip, what they did and where they stayed:

We travelled to Fiji when Kobe was 5 ½ months old. It was the perfect destination for our first family holiday.

Kobe was kissed, cuddled, and had his cheeks pinched, and we were all greeted with ‘Bula’ by the friendly locals. It was wonderful to holiday in a culture where children are so cherished.

Three in the backseat

Bianca and her family drove to Sydney for a 3 day stay. She fills us in on how her 3 kids coped with the trip and what they got up to in Sydney.

The drive to Sydney takes about 5 hours. We have three children; Thalia 5 years old, Dylan 4 years old and Amelia 13 months old. All three children coped well with the drive.

Canberra With 20 Kids

Sarah Pye is the author of ‘Kids Welcome to Queensland’ the first in a series of family friendly guide books. Sarah recently travelled to Canberra with her daughters Cubs troop and was kind enough to share the group’s travel experiences with us.

Ah, Canberra. Say to a born-Aussie that you haven’t been to the national capital and they look at you as if you came from another planet…