Koh Samui, Thailand - with our little ladies

I can’t lie, I was a touch nervous about travelling to Thailand for a family wedding with an almost 3 year old (Charli) and a 4.5 month old (Matilda).

We visited a travel Dr who suggested Charli, who is fully vaccinated have a Hep A injection and nothing for Matilda. She stressed that the girls were not to drink bath water or touch the animals, specifically monkeys and stray dogs (rabies).

Hong Kong - First trimester

Anke has made several trips to Hong Kong in early pregnancy, she was kind enough to share her experiences:

My husband, my 11 year old son and myself travelled from Brisbane to Hong Kong when I was 9 weeks pregnant.

Holy Baby Bump - Pregnancy travel in India

Nikola, A Sydney mother discovers the spiritual highs and bone-shaking lows of pregnancy travel in India during her first pregnancy.

Singapore Stopover

When flying between London and Melbourne at 6 months pregnant we decided on a 4 night stopover in Singapore to break up the journey to give myself and the bump a chance to recover in between long haul flights.

Touring Vietnam While Pregnant

Kylie spent 5 weeks in Vietnam on her honeymoon at the end of her first trimester. How did she cope? We sat down with her to get the details.

I was 3 months pregnant when we left Australia on a 12 hour flight via Singapore. We flew with Singapore airlines, they were great, the flight wasn’t full and they let us stretch out.

Osaka with Kids

Jayne and her husband have recently returned from their second trip to Osaka, Japan with their 2 and a half year old son and their first trip with their 3 month old daughter. Jayne shares her tips and experiences below:

My husband and I recently spent five weeks in Osaka, Japan, with our 3 month old baby girl and two and a half year old little boy. It was my son’s second trip to Japan.

On the plane

Thailand with a Baby

Adam and his wife, Erica travelled to Koh Samui, Thailand with their one year old son, Will last year.

Here is Adam’s story:

Borneo Bound With a Little Boy

Jennifer Morton, her husband and their son, Tai were lucky enough to visit Borneo for a family holiday. Here is Jennifer’s story.

As a lover of travel and cultural experiences, I was very blessed to immerse myself in the beauty and bliss of Borneo with my husband and 4-year old son, Tai.

After spending the first four nights of our 10-day holiday in Kuala Lumpur, we shifted gears to the second and slower paced leg of the trip; Borneo.

Travelling to Bali with a 9 month old

Amy has recently returned from Bali with her gorgeous little boy, 9 month old Archie. We asked Amy to fill us in on her trip and share any advice she has for other parents.

Archie was 9 months old when we travelled to Bali for 10 nights. He did really well on the flight, we packed plenty of toys, books and food to keep him amused, and tried to plan the flight around sleep time.

Touring Vietnam with 3 kids

Claire Heaney travelled to Vietnam with Gap Adventures with her husband John and their three children; Lucy aged 5, Patrick, 8 and Hannah, 10. They joined three other families on Gap’s 12 day Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh led by local guide, Lap. This is Claire’s story: