The Bali Affect

Holidays! What an wonderful privilege to be able to take a holiday, visit somewhere new, maybe somewhere many miles away with a different culture, language and cuisine. Soaking up the differences, taking a break from ‘your’ world. Wonderful for the adult mind, but my goodness how mind blowing for little ones!

Travelling to Bali with a 9 month old

Amy has recently returned from Bali with her gorgeous little boy, 9 month old Archie. We asked Amy to fill us in on her trip and share any advice she has for other parents.

Archie was 9 months old when we travelled to Bali for 10 nights. He did really well on the flight, we packed plenty of toys, books and food to keep him amused, and tried to plan the flight around sleep time.

Travel with Tots in Bali

Bali is one of the top travel destinations for Australians travelling abroad and we are often asked questions about what Bali is like to travel with kids, so we packed up the toddler and a kit full of great products to test and review and headed off to the island of the gods to see how bub was received and would cope with the trip.