New York City with a Toddler

Jane is the clever mummy behind the fab Brisbane based blog ‘eat out with kids.’ 2 years ago Jane travelled to the United States with her then 18month old son, we chatted about the good, the bad and the very expensive health care…

Fiji with a Toddler

Alana travelled to Fiji earlier this year with her 2 year old son JJ. We were lucky enough to hear all about their fabulous island holiday:

We went to Fiji in July with our family and extended family (10 adults and 6 kids under 6). It was a great trip and very interesting as it’s the first time I have ever been overseas!

Vietnam with a Toddler

Jasmine travelled to Vietnam with her young toddler Eduardo.

Here is Jasmine and Eduardo’s story:

Travel with Tots in Bali

Bali is one of the top travel destinations for Australians travelling abroad and we are often asked questions about what Bali is like to travel with kids, so we packed up the toddler and a kit full of great products to test and review and headed off to the island of the gods to see how bub was received and would cope with the trip.


Frequent European Travellers

Vanessa Layton is the founder of Hello, Charlie! and a happy Totseat retailer. She is also is a frequent traveller to Europe with her English husband and her two sons. Vanessa was kind enough to share some of her travel tips and experiences with us: