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The TrayKit is from My Busy Bag who also stock fabulous travel activity packs for kids. For more information on the TrayKit or My Busy Bag’s range of products please visit their website at

TrayKit® is the perfect travel accessory in the car, on the plane, in the train!

Fill this backpack full of travel activities and toys, strap it to the aeroplane tray table, hang from the front car seat or use it anywhere stand alone. The TrayKit opens up to reveal a perfect play surface with extendable raised sides - no more toys on the floor!

*Measures 36cm x 28cm x 8.5cm
*Padded straps
*Carry handle
*Tray has raised sides and extends for larger playing surface
*Straps onto airline tray tables
*Includes strap to hang from the front car seat and kept steady on your child's lap
*Suitable for age 3 years +




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The TrayKit is a brand new arrival on Australian shores, already a huge hit with travelling parents and their little travelling companions in the UK so we were excited to see if the TrayKit was really as fabulous as initial reviews indicated. The Tray Kit is a cute kids backpack that folds out to a stable tray surface with raised sides to prevent toys and snacks from rolling away. The Tray Kit comes with a strap to easily attach to car, train or plane seats. The backpack comes in a choice of pink and blue. So…what did we think? In short, we loved it! Our toddler really enjoyed packing his own bag with the toys and snacks that he would like to play with in the car, so far we have tested the TrayKit on 3 return drives of over an hour in length each way and it’s been a big success. The best thing about it for mum or dad is that it removes that annoying situation when your little one has been happily playing with a toy but has now dropped it on the floor of the car and the tantrum has begun, the raised sides of the tray mean the toys remain in front of your child not on the floor where you can’t reach. We found great success with rotating the toys in the TrayKit when stopping for a rest break (you can even sneak in a brand new toy that your little one hasn’t seen before.) We head off tomorrow on an international trip with our toddler and we have packed the TrayKit backpack with new toys, crayons, pencils, paper and snacks to keep the little one entertained on the hour long drive to the airport and then during the 8 hours of flying. The Tray Kit has several little pouches / compartments inside to store pencils, paper or a colouring book and even has a small mirror (great if mum needs to fix her lippy before landing.) Another big plus for us is the fact that the TrayKit is not overly bulky in size or too heavy because let’s face it toddlers don’t always carry their own luggage. We are looking forward to testing the TrayKit out in flight tomorrow and I’m sure there will be envious stares from other little boys and girls wishing they had their own TrayKits. Overall the TrayKit is a great new addition to the travelling kids marketplace, we are bound to be seeing a lot of these in airports and inflight in future.


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The Traykit is a great idea, and a fun backpack to keep all your kiddies toys and bits and pieces in one place. The side panels are great and keep all the toys in the tray. The little comparment pockets are useful for packing and to my toddlers delight I hide new little things in them that she hasn't seen before.
The backpack is a little chunky. Its fine for car travel but I have found it a bit big for airplane travel.
Its a wonderful backpack that we love using for long car rides.