Imaginabox Car or Oven

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What child doesn’t LOVE a cardboard box?! Get more mileage out of those empty cardboard boxes with Imaginabox™. Imaginabox™ Car or Oven are simple, but practical toys that turns any cardboard box into a car or oven! A perfect creative toy to take on holidays as it is compact and will provide hours of entertainment.

Developed to stimulate children’s imaginations - all moving plastic parts & stickers are reusable, recyclable and simple to assemble...children will never be “card-bored” again!

  • A simple toy designed to stimulate childrens imaginations
  • No need to spend hundreds of dollars on a toy when all you need is an Imaginabox™ pack and your own cardboard box
  • When the box is warn, you can remove the plastic parts and re-usable sticker and place them on a fresh box
  • All Imaginabox™ parts are removable and can be easily stored away in its original packaging
  • Suitable for Ages: 3+
  • Simple to assemble
  • Re-usable plastic parts and stickers
  • Use any sized box
  • Easy to pack away and store
  • Phthalates and BPA free

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