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Candy is mum to seven children, they recently road tested the Exploratory Bag from our friends at Cloth for Comfort. Here is Candy’s review;

Ever been on the road or at the doctor’s office, and wished for something that holds your child’s attention, but it is also not a noisy toy that annoys everyone else in the place?

Sometimes it is only the noisy toys, which buy you enough time to do whatever it is you need to do. These past few weeks our family was lucky enough to try out the Exploratory Bag, from Cloth for Comfort. It a simple toy, and I love the simple handmade old fashioned things for kids – they last longer. Sure they may not be as exciting as a noisy technologically advanced toy, but I don’t think they encourage kids to use their imagination as much as they could.

The exploratory bag is filled with plastic pellets and amongst them are little surprises that can be viewed through a clear window, so it’s like a hide and seek game. It is great for fine motor skills and sensory play, the weight and feel of the bag seem to encourage the kids to hold on to it and manipulate it.

A couple of my kids have sensory issues that go along with their Autism, and they have really enjoyed playing with the exploratory bag. We have added it to our fiddle kit of toys and games that we cart around with us to appointments and on road trips, they love it. I could make a game of it for them. I sat in the front seat with the card that listed what pieces are inside and I called out things for them to find – looking for the little eye piece bought us around 15 minutes of quiet time!

It seems very well made and has a handle for the little ones to carry it or hang off the pram, and despite not having any washing instructions, it cleans up fairly easy with hand washing.

Thanks again to Travel with Tots and Cloth for Comfort for sending us the Exploratory Bag to test out; it has been much enjoyed by all our kids from the baby up to our ten year old. Thanks for participating in our review program Candy, and for your great review. For more info or to purchase the Explorartory Bag or Cloth for Comforts other great range of products please visit their website at www.clothforcomfort.com

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